1.  The Church of New People discusses how Christians are portrayed on TV.

2.  Is Facebook killing us softly?

3.  Thabiti Anyabwile shares video here and here from the Muslim-Christian Dialogue, of which he took part in Dubai.

4.  How would you feel about your pastor making a salary package of $600,000 a year?  Would you go to court over it?

5.  The audacity of a truth commission on terror.

6.  Which country is free?

HT: Casey

7.  Every work of God is good, even in sorrow – a letter by John Owen.  Amen.

8.  The Iowa General Assembly is now finished for the year (glad that can’t do anymore damage).  Here is the Senate Republican Leader, Senator Paul McKinley’s closing remarks and the House Republican Leader, Representative Kraig Paulsen’s closing remarks.

9.  Oh, I have to get one of these.  It would be so handy.

HT: Paul Stewart

10.  Don Stott cares about potential home invaders so much that he wrote this.

11.  Mainstream America is figuring President Barack Obama out.

HT:  Steve

12.  Steven Crowder thinks it’s time to body check Obama.

13.  Oops.  William Teach weighs in on this photo-op mishap.

HT: Iowa Republican

14.  I like want need must have this (see below).

The mug, not the plan.  They can keep the plan, but the mug… oh buddy!

15.  Want hope?

16.  Stop being a girly cowardly wimps… guys.  Girls you can continue to be girly.

17.  Are you a fan or follower of Jesus?

18.  Ed Stetzer on the State of the Church.

19.  Anne Jackson is in India with Compassion International.  She is blogging while there.  You can read about Lakshmi, Pramanik and other thoughts along the way

20.  Even the evangelism masters choke occasionally.

  1. Compassion India ROCKS! I have been there, I sponsor there, and I work for Compassion. I know, shameless plug.

    God is on the move in India… lets join him in the movement!

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