con⋅serv⋅a⋅tive   [kuhn-sur-vuh-tiv] – adjective

  1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
  2. cautiously moderate or purposefully low: a conservative estimate.
  3. traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness: conservative suit.
  4. (often initial capital letter) of or pertaining to the Conservative party.
  5. (initial capital letter) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Conservative Jews or Conservative Judaism.
  6. having the power or tendency to conserve; preservative.

As I read the definition, I’m not sure I’m a conservative anymore.  As I look at a country that is slipping from the ideals of the Republic to one of Direct Democracy, I’m not sure I want to preserve the current path or even conserve the state it’s in.  I’m definitely not interested in seeing us slip further toward Oligarchy, which I believe is the inevitable result of Bush and Obama public policies.

I think it’s time for liberals and conservatives to exchange titles.

Liberals don’t want to change the direction culture is heading and they like the “progress” that’s been made.  They have almost complete control of TV and print media, both chambers of Congress, the Presidency, and a growing majority of statehouses and governorships.  Although their agenda hasn’t fully matured, their well on their way to a complete Secular Humanist Society run by an elite few angels who will distribute resources and happiness equally.  Those on the Left are the apologists of the status quo.  Doesn’t that make them conservative?

Here are some examples of change I want that I believe makes me a liberal:

I want radical change to the tax code.  I want a flat income tax or “Fair Tax” plan.

I want an unfettered right to bear arms with few restrictions.  I want an unrestricted right to carry concealed weapons nationwide if I’m sane with a clean criminal record and no history of abuse of any kind.

I want to return to the original understanding that religion is free from government, not the other way around.  Tax dollars for faith-based charities, schools, and other worthwhile causes (without discrimination based on religion or denomination) should be encouraged until the goal of 90+% private, charitable welfare is realized.

I long for a time when people realize once again that you “get what you subsidize.”  Let’s quit paying people to make poor choices.

I want radical education changes.  Universal School Choice for all families enabling every parent to choose whichever educational vehicle best meets the needs of their child(ren) regardless of their income or address.  The time of Socialistic education policy should end.

Every worker should have the right to work without having part of his paycheck coerced away by political organizations pretending to represent his goals and ideals.  Legal pseudo-mafias known as labor unions need to end.  Unions should exist to ensure safe and dignified work environments – not political agendas.

I want radical, fundamental, revolutionary, and immediate change in American civics, civil literacy, and public policy.  Does that make me conservative or am I possibly a neo-lib?

Thomas Jefferson said it best: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure.”  Is it possible that we can avoid an Oligarchy without that type of resistance?   May God make it so.

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  1. What is amusing to me is that most conservatives today would have probably called themselves liberals had they lived a couple of centuries ago. Classical liberalism has much more in common with modern-day conservatism than with anything “liberals” stand for today. Perhaps we should come up with terms which are not so closely linked with keeping or changing the status quo.

  2. I was speaking to my stepmom a few weeks ago and, generally, advocating a litany of traditional, conservative/libertarian, precepts and she stated, with a straight face: “you are so radical.”

    Now, at the time, I thought she was crazy…but after reading this, she may actually be correct 🙁

  3. The only political agendas unions represent are pushing for a better work place.

  4. Ah… I'm not so sure about that when they so frequently endorse Democratic candidates.

    It would be better if they kept out of endorsements that way some of their members wouldn't feel so conflicted.

  5. So when a union spends tens of millions on getting a particular candidate elected president, that's only because it somehow, in the end, benefits the rank and file members? Really?

  6. A simple review of where unions donate money (every base social cause out there from Planned Parenthood to PETA to whatever) will prove you are misguided at best to believe that Unions work for workers.

  7. Unions support candidates that support labor. For the most part the G.O.P. does not support labor unions or collective bargaining units. Everbody benefits from unions, members or not. Things like weekends, overtime pay, and the 40 hr work week all came from union contracts and were adopted by others so they could compete.
    The UAW for example does not donate money to planned parenthood or PETA. These organizations do not represent the worker so why would a union back them. I see first hand every day the benefits of unions and have expeienced the battle for workers rights. The truely misguided are those who speak without knowing what they speak of.

  8. So most of your argument hinges on the benefit of unions vis-a-vis what they did 40 years ago and beyond? Have I got that about right?

    And, again: spending tens of millions of union dues on one candidate (the members of which might loathe with every fiber of their being) isn't excessive to you? You honestly think that that is justified as part of a union's primary fucntions? Do you also think massive, sprawling, 50 million dollar getaway compounds for the upper level members is a reasonable expenditure of union dues? Even when the rank and file will never, ever, see the inside of such a place?

    Of course there's also the fun of the UAW, parasitically, destroying the host corporations upon which they depend but, hey, who cares ab out little details like that when they're (somehow) looking out for the little guy who won't have any job in the near-future.

  9. Most Unions (such as the NEA or ATF) give large donations to socially liberal “charities” and organizations that the rank-and-file worker would find repulsive. This is wrong.

    If the UAW avoids this particular travesty, great!

    However, I am in agreement with ECM that defending unions based on some sense of nostalgia over what they did 40+ years ago isn't honest or prudent. There is a reason that union membership is declining nationwide – workers are getting smart enough to know that they are inefficient pseudo-mafias that work tirelessly to sustain their power without doing much for workers. Many organizations (like Professional Educators of Iowa here in Iowa) offer many of the legal protections of unions without the ridiculous dues, inefficiency and bullying that accompanies unions.

    I watch unions come up the statehouse every year fighting for the right to coerce union dues from non-union members, put EVERYTHING on the table when bargaining, demonize employers, and work tirelessly to take away the right of workers to not belong to a union. This is on top of their unscrupulous coalitions and donations to morally base organizations. This is immoral.

    If you want to join a union, great! But union encroachment on my liberties is criminal.

  10. To be a conservative – borrowing from the root of the word and extending it into the political – one would need to prune (recognize what is dead and lop it off), graft (add in that which is helpful to the life of the organism – sometimes by having to cut into the body in order to save it), and adjust. If that were a true description (it is, by dictionary terms) then many would be conservatives. Since it does not appear to these eyes that it is so in the American political arena, I'll continue to be an independent and vote conscience and character over transitory issues.

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