My daughter, Kelvey e-mailed me these pictures from Australia when it got up to 120 F.  This Koala Bear came up to beg for water.



Anyway, completely random pictures.  This is your post – rant, rave, shameless plug, question… whatever.  Don’t forget today is #followfriday on Twitter – so you can follow me at @shanevanderhart, Coleen @coleensharp and Eric at @EricAlan.  You can also follow the Caffeinated Calvinists Network at @CaffCalvinists.  Also you are invited to friend me on Facebook.

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  1. Good morning brother!

    Shameless plug for today's post: The Purpose of the Believer.

    It all came out of an IM conversation I had with my coworker this morning. I'm curious to get others' feedback.

    On a coffee note! Peerless Coffee. You can buy the beans at Smart & Final (not sure if you have those out your way). We bought a 2 lbs bag of Hawaiian blend or Kona or something Hawaiian. Anyway, really great cup o' joe. Very pleased. No bitterness.

  2. I am giving away Dr. Jobe Martin's latest video (Creation Proclaims) in my post from yesterday (Critter Corner V. 3). In the video, Dr. Martin explains how animals such as gibbons and wetas are irreducibly complex and could not have evolved slowly.

    I found your koala picture very interesting as they only rarely leave their trees.

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the giveaway.

    I thought the Koala picture was fascinating because you are right, it is very, very unusual behavior for them.

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