But he’s not worth wasting my dinner.  MSNBC’s David “gutter-talk” Shuster shows his usual contempt for those who disagree with his opinion.  Watch him go unhinged about Donald Trump letting Carrie Prejan keep her Miss California USA crown.

During Trump’s press conference Shuster commented on his Twitter page, "Prejean, who got cosmetic surgery before the pageant, just spoke of ‘how women can make a difference in the world.’ Absolutely revolting."

Apparently Prejean’s cosmetic surgery disqualified her from having an opinion. Shuster has not gone after celebrities that are for gay marriage such as Kathy Griffin. She had plastic surgery, common in Hollywood, but is not held up to the same standard by the hypocritical MSNBC host.

This comes after Shuster proclaimed his support for gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s hateful rant that followed Prejean’s answer at the Miss USA competition April 30 on Twitter as, "Your view of Miss CA’s intellect (and lack thereof) is spot on."

Later in the segment anchor Contessa Brewer said "this is a great jumping off point for a conversation about same-sex marriage, about hypocrisy."

Shuster responded with his usual disregard for anyone that has an opinion different from his, "The only jumping off point is jumping off a cliff if you really believe that people at these pageants have anything worthwhile to say to the rest of us. If you really believe that, than that’s your jumping off point and I suggest you jump off the cliff because this is as superficial as you will ever see. It’s ridiculous. It’s crazy."

HT: Bluegrass Pundit

Update: Governor Palin’s statement on Prejan being attacked by the left.

2nd Update: Related article of interest – Liberal Taliban Issues Fatwa Against Miss California.  (HT: Pundit & Pundette)

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