1.  Craig Robinson – “At The Intersection of Faith and Politics”

Ever since the Iowa Supreme Court issued decision allowing gay marriage in Iowa, my faith has been intertwined with my politics. To be honest, the two have been a jumbled mess for most of my life. My faith instills in me principles that are non-negotiable. I then support candidates and causes that support or advance my worldview.

The latter isn’t always easy to do, especially when your income comes from political candidates. I have worked with candidates who are supportive of my worldview, and I have worked for candidates who I have had differences with. That said, none of those candidates have been openly hostile to my worldview. (read the rest)

2.  R.C. Sproul – “Recovering Emphasis on Prayer”

How can we as evangelicals recover the emphasis on prayer in worship that our Reformed forebears understood? Let me mention some ways.

One is to kneel when we pray. Other postures have been used by the people of God at different times and in different places to come before God in prayer. For instance, Calvin speaks of people during the Reformation standing with arms raised to heaven as an attitude of prayer. Kneeling, however, has special significance. In the Old Testament, bowing and kneeling were usually associated with the posture used in the presence of a king. Also, kneeling is a symbolic, dramatic gesture. In the drama, we are communicating something non-verbally as we’re involved at the same time with a verbal exercise. It is appropriate, when we come before God to make our requests, to give our intercession, to offer the sacrifice of praise, and to bespeak our thanksgiving, that we kneel. (read the rest)

3.  Jeff Angelo – “Memo to GOP: Stop Running Angry Nerds”

Joseph Phillips takes on the argument that the GOP needs to lean more left in order to win votes. His point is well-taken, given that Republican party identification is up…and this latest poll doesn’t indicate a large, leftward lurch by Americans.

So how does the GOP win its upcoming elections?

I like to break things down simply: stop running angry people for office. Or nerdy people. Or worse…angry, nerdy people. (read the rest)

4.  Michael Spencer – “The Jesus Disconnect (3): Kingdom, Discipleship and Cross”

The second half of the Gospel of Mark is dominated by Jesus’ focus on the cross. He begins predicting his passion, death and resurrection in chapters 8, 9 and 10, and arrives in Jerusalem in chapter 11.

On the way to Jerusalem, starting with the first prediction in chapter 8, Jesus begins a focus on discipleship in the light of the cross. The teachings and material in the early part of Mark part II seems to indicate that the calling of the disciples to the proclamation of the Kingdom was now recalibrated to the equipping of the disciples to relate everything to the cross. (read the rest)

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