1.  Dr. J.I. Packer – “Sola Fide: The Reformed Doctrine of Justification.”

"The confession of divine justification touches man’s life at its heart, at the point of its relationship to God. It defines the preaching of the Church, the existence and progress of the life of faith, the root of human security, and man’s perspective for the future."1 So wrote G. C. Berkouwer of the doctrine of justification by faith set forth by Paul and reapprehended with decisive clarity at the Reformation; and in so writing he showed himself a true heir of the Reformers. For his statement is no more, just as it is no less, than a straightforward spelling out of what Luther had meant when he called justification by faith articulus stands aut cadentis ecclesiae—the point of belief which determines (not politically or financially, but theologically and spiritually) whether the Church stands or falls. (read the rest)

2.  Rob Harrison – “Getting Trek right from the beginning”

In reinventing Trek, J. J. Abrams and his writers managed to make it what it should have been; they did an amazing job of keeping the characters true to themselves while justifying the reinvention of the series through the story they told.  In a way, the plot exists to explain and validate the creation of a whole new version of the same crew, and it succeeds fully in that.  Of course, that’s an ulterior purpose; The Phantom Menace succeeded in its ulterior purpose, too, but failed dismally as an actual movie.  Star Trek, by contrast, is a smashing success. (read the rest)

3.  Clean Slate: People of The Second Chance


HT: Mike Foster @ Deadly Viper

4.  Gerrard Fess – “Top Ten Things to do for those Job Searching!”

Chances are you know someone who has been seeking a job. Currently seeking a job, or will be seeking a job. So what is the Church’s role and how can we as fellow Christians help one another?
Galatians 6:10 says "So then, as we have opportunity, let us work that which is good toward all men,and especially toward them that are of the household of the faith."

So here are some helpful suggestions to those job seeking. (read the rest)

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