Question… should I just not do these on weekends?  No comments on the weekend open thread.

Also Lisa Graas e-mailed me a helpful link.  You know you can clean your computer screen on the outside, but check out this new way to have it cleaned on the inside.

Also you may be wondering about the new donation button below and in the sidebar.  That is just a tip jar.  I decided to do that and have sponsors (my first to be announced next week) just to cover the expenses of this blog (which is bare bones).  I plan invest further into Caffeinated Thoughts and causes I believe in.  I have no delusions about this turning me into a full-time blogger.

Also I found a way to earn credit for free books through Monergism Books.  If you buy books there I will receive credit for book purchases.  This will be in the inner sidebar.

So let me know what you think about Lisa’s link and share what’s on your mind on Monday… did you have a good weekend?

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  1. Well, it costs nothing to throw out the bait, and if folks feel like chatting, it's nice to give 'em a spot.

    If they, on the other hand, are…say… at their parents' for a birthday weekend (Yay dad!) then they'll be quiet.

    This was the first really nice weekend in a lot of places…..

  2. Glad you had a good weekend, and yes it doesn't hurt to leave a place to comment – even if nobody takes advantage of it. I figured weekend posts would have less traffic, so that is why I just did one for the weekend.

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