Hi!  I just wanted to update you on some of the sidebar changes if you haven’t noticed yet.  I have some things going on in the sidebar.

  • Still looking for sponsors, but should be introducing my first one next week.  Those sponsor ads will be prominently featured in the top wide sidebar and left inner sidebar.  When they are added please be sure to visit and visit often.
  • Blog Networks that Caffeinated Thoughts belongs to are prominently featured at the top of the right sidebar, and they also include a blogroll with each one: Read My Lipstick Network, Conservative Web Brigade, Caffeinated Calvinists Network (the one I just created), and one I just joined – Bloggers for Sarah Palin.
  • As before I still have my rotating blogroll for blogs I like, and people who link to me.  Contact me if you’d like to be added to that.
  • I’ve also added my favorite websites/links (non blogs) in the areas of: Apologetics/Theology, Ministries, News Sites, and Politics & Policy.  I hope you check those out as well.
  • I’ve also included a widget of posts that I’m digging that day from my Google Shared Reader.  It’s kind of like an ongoing Twenty Items post.
  • As before I have my podcast widget which you can subscribe to.  For those of you who do subscribe.  I’m sorry I haven’t updated it in awhile.  I’ll remedy that this week.
  • Also don’t forget to visit Compassion International and prayerfully consider sponsoring a child.

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