On Friday I took a trip to the doctor in hopes for some help with what was a pretty nasty virus making its way through our home.  I left three of the kids home, and took my youngest along with me.  It was unlike any other doctors visit to start.  The nurse took my temperature, which revealed a fever.

When the Doctor came in, upon hearing of my symptoms, explained that we should probably test for influenza A, which the Swine Flu (now called the H1N1 Flu)  is a strain of, especially in view of the fact that one of my husband’s co-workers was confirmed to have the swine flu.   I was in no way prepared for what happened next.

As soon as my test came back with a bright positive, the doctor’s office went into emergency mode.  They ushered everyone out, except the staff, Austin and I.  Appointments were canceled for the rest of the day.  Face masks were handed out to everyone.  Signs were hung with “Do not enter, swine flu inside’.  My husband was called immediately and told he must bring the rest of the family in to be tested.  In the meantime, Austin who at that point was asymptomatic tested positive also.

My husband and the rest of the children also tested positive.

The CDC was contacted.   The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment was contacted.  We were all tested again, with tests to be sent to the CDC.  There was initial talk of admitting me into the hospital with severe dehydration.  It was feeling like a bad dream.

Thankfully it was decided to send me home for the time being.  As long as I promised that I would go to the hospital if I did not improve.

And the doctor sat down and had a talk with us.  She explained that we should contact those who we have had contact with.  The home school co-op, our church, friends, etc.  We should stay in our home for five days.  She would be writing  prescriptions for anti-viral drugs for the whole family, and some other medications that would deal with our symptoms, and she would be calling them into a pharmacy with a drive through window.

After 2 1/2 hours, we were finally able to leave, face masks and all.

The first pharmacy did not have enough antiviral medication for our whole family, so my husband had to drive 1/2 hour away to another pharmacy to get the rest of it.  Our total cost even after our insurance paid their portion was $320.  Extra money, we really didn’t have.  (Where is Obama when we need him.)

Later that evening we were called to go back to the hospital to be tested again for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  We filled out paperwork for all six of us and then were tested.

After doing a lot of research, I am pretty convinced that it is the swine flu.  The symptoms of the swine flu play out differently than those of  the influenza A seasonal version.  Our symptoms have been consistent with that of other confirmed swine flu cases.  Even our Doctor is convinced.

On Monday afternoon we received a call from our county health department.  They had only received my husband, Brent’s test, and at that point had no idea that the rest of our family was sick.  After asking several questions of me, and finding out that at the time of the test, Brent was asymptomatic, she informed me that his test would probably come back negative since most do when there is no symptoms present at the time of the test for the swine flu.  Had they waited to test him when symptoms were present, he would have had a greater chance of testing positive.   Or had they tested my test, since I was very sick with the virus at the time, we probably would have seen a positive result.  We were informed at that time that since the rest of our tests were probably discarded, we probably would never know for sure if what we have is the swine flu.  Testing us again at this time would be fruitless since we have already been on the antiviral drugs for almost 4 days.  The representative did agree that our symptoms were consistent with the swine flu.

So basically, the media and the CDC have been making a very big deal out of this virus.  But at the core, they are not really doing the right things to prevent the spreading of it.  They are not testing everyone who has specific swine flu symptoms and is also influenza A positive.  They are not detailing to the public the specific symptoms associated with confirmed swine flu cases.  Not only that, but they are also completely clueless as to how long a person is contagious.  We heard everything from 5 days, 7 +1 days and 20 hours after fever breaks.  Nobody really knew.  It was frustrating.

Basically, this is evidence of what happens when the government is in control of things like this.

The whole experience has been a nightmare.  But we are better now, I guess at this point, that is all that matters.

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