Ok, now that there is a new American Idol I’m curious…

….were you pulling for Adam Lambert or Kris Allen? Or….

…are you a disgruntled Danny Gokey fan?

If you could care less feel free to comment on anything you like.

  1. While I was hoping that Adam would win, I mean , the guy can SING, but America obviously didn't want a homosexual as their American Idol. I would rather have seen Danny win than Kris, who I think lacks personality. Oh well, I'll still watch the show.

  2. I am a musician, and Adam has talent. Loved the final three. Liked Danny from the beginning, but Kris grew on me. I loved to hear Adam sing, because he is just good, but he was sometimes arrogant. I listen to a variety of music, but I am so picky, I just don't know for sure if I would by a CD from any of them but Danny.

    Don't know why, but I keep thinking of a Horton quote from an old Modern Reformation. “When I became a Christian, I threw out all of my secular music. When I became Reformed, I threw out all my Christian music.”

  3. This had to be the best final three they have ever had. You thought he was arrogant? I thought they all came across as pretty humble. I was getting tired of the judges lauding praises upon him, like it wasn't obvious who they wanted to win.

    I'm sure Danny will get a recording contract, I don't believe we've heard the last of him.

    Regarding the Horton quote – I can see what he is saying about Christian music, to a point, when some of it is based on poor theology. However, there is much about secular music that isn't worth listening to as well.

    Take all of it through the Philippians 4:8 filter :).

  4. Oh, yes, a lot of truth. Simon was abundantly clear on who he wanted to win, so was Paula, to some degree, although she can be quite incoherent more often than not. Did you watch the Finale at all? I thought it was a great show overall, minus the slight disappointment over the outcome. The Steve Martin tune “Pretty Flowers” was beautiful, I loved it, except for the two singing it. They didn't do too great.

  5. Well, I mostly listen to Christian music. But not what most other Christians do. I listen to Marty Goetz a lot, since most of his songs are right from scripture. And then The Bonnor Singers, a choir from CA which has done several CD's with songs right from scripture also. I love the Hymns also. Boice did a CD with music that he wrote, and it came out shortly before he died. We actually saw him a couple months before he died, and he wasn't looking well.

    As far as secular music, I am way picky. Is it OK to say that I like the BG's?

    We have a nice Karaoke Machine at our house. Our fav Sunday Evening tradition is to play American Idol goes to Church. We all sing and then get judged. The best performance ever was my 12 year old son's Blake Lewis styled Come Though Fount of Every Blessing. I would post it, but he would kill me.

    So my comment was not in justification of secular music, but rather making the point that a lot of Christian music is so theologically bad. It fits right in with our sentimental drenched culture. 'It is all about me' instead of it being all about Christ.

  6. You'll have to pray for me too, cause I like their stuff. I also like to listen to the old hymns, classical, oldies, anything but rap or opera. I grew up in LCMS church and, no offense to anyone, but if I never hear another praise chorus I will be happy.

  7. This was the first year we watched it all the way through. There was a lot of talent–I believe they said this was the best year ever (for talent)… I thought it would be Allison (not Kris) in the top 3. Kris certainly was the up & coming underdog. I voted for Kris to win. As the weeks went on, I became more & more sick of Adam. The kid has talent, there is no question about it. I just got weary of all of his screaming in EVERY song he performed. And the judges GUSHING over him–that's even an understatement! That got so old… My guy was Danny & he was robbed. The final two should have been Danny & Adam–they were the two best. Danny & Kris were both very involved in their respective churches, of course that just made me like them more. I thought Kris was a VERY humble, nice young man. I'm very happy for him.
    MANY of the top ten will go on to have recording deals & make “names” for themselves. I would guess Danny will have a Christian “album”–I'm looking forward to that!

  8. Kris and Danny were my favorites – mainly because I could see myself buying their CDs. Adam was good and entertaining, no doubt about that, but I just couldn't see myself listening to the type of CD he is likely to put out.

  9. In my growing up years, my parents blessed me with a healthy diet of the BGs, the Carpenters, Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond. So Karaoke night at our house includes some of those 70's favorites.

    When you don't have a lot of extra money, sometimes you have to be creative in your time together. So Brent and I will spend hours after the kids go to bed singing Karaoke. He was into Heavy Medal, back in the day. And since he is a bit older than me, he has taught me some new songs. Me, I was an REM and Midnight Oil girl, which is not available on karaoke. So I have to stick with the before mentioned groups from my younger years. And now I have a new found appreciation. (Don't tell anyone though, it is embarrassing.)

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