1.  Five Distortions of the Gospel in Our Day

2.  How the Calvin & Hobbs cartoon above resembles the public school system.

3.  How swine flu was started.

Swine Flu

HT: A Ten O’Clock Scholar

4.  From a Gay Patriot – Why Demonize Supporters of Traditional Marriage?  I found this rather refreshing coming a homosexual since I was recently hammered. 

5.  Why Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush want to pretend Sarah Palin doesn’t exist.

6.  Yeah, let’s keep God our Plan B…. that’s biblical (hopefully you pick up the sarcasm).


HT: Crummy Church Signs

7.  I want to link to this, if for nothing else, the title.  “Living for the Grace of God Today: Because We All Suck.”  Very true Robin, very true.

8.  Got to love it when Jesus saves us from ourselves.

9.  Of Chickens and Eggs – Got to love it when the Federal Government violates the constitution.

10.  Great Quote from C.S. Lewis in a Mind Awake:

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

HT: Joe Carter

11.  Hate Crimes, Dems and Lies, Oh My!

12.  Joe has a great post on Philemon, one of my favorite books of the Bible.

13.  Facing the harsh realities of sin.

14.  Home Schooling and the Great Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009.  Dana has video embedded on the 1918 Flu Pandemic.

15.  Can I vomit now?

HT: Kez Creates

16.  Incase you need to know when going to church, here’s some communion tray etiquette.

17.  Giving hope to the hungry.

18.  The Iowa Supreme Court admits it can’t make law.

19.  The Gratitude Campaign – take time to thank a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine.

HT: Kate Stokes

20.  An incredibly scary idea – Al Gore for SCOTUS.  Please no.  No. No. NO!!!!!!!!  The horror!

  1. Thanks for the linky love! 🙂

    You know, I can't count how many times I have looked at a church sign and cringed here lately. We really need to stop and think about what we are actually saying because sometimes I don't think we think these things through. LOL!

  2. Shane,

    First, thank you for the link love. Honored. Secondly, the swine flu pick was hilarious. Third, man, I wish I could have found the “suck” post. Fourth, I was going to link love the Obama picture but I was so irritated I didn't really want to focus on the negative aspects. I'm glad you posted it here.

    Thanks again!


  3. Joe,

    You are welcome. I loved the that picture as well, made me laugh out loud. The “suck” post – a different way to look at the depravity of man isn't it. “We suck.”

    I debated putting that picture up as well. It just shows you that some do see him as a savior.

  4. What's the problem with that sign? I can't see why you would disagree with the sentiment, Shane.

    The fact is everything in this world is going to fail eventually, so what the sign is saying is that you can trust in God, the plan that won't fail.

    Some people never set foot in a Church, and the only way to reach them is through a sign they see when they drive by.

    Also, as to 15, the artist “insists that this piece is a mirror; reflecting the personal opinions and emotions of the viewer.” LOL

  5. Thanks for the link to the swine flu photo. That was emailed to me – wish I had a link to the original.

    Love the “God is plan B” church sign. Heh.

  6. I see your point with those outside the church, but honestly most people aren't impacted by church signs and find them quite hokey.

    I guess my emotion is repulsion?

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