1. A great illustration of socialism (HT: Amy Hall).

2.  Chuck Colson on same-sex “marriage” and religious liberty – why they can’t coexist, and how religious freedom is being attacked by gay activists demanding to be served.

3.  Bivocational pastors?  Six reasons why.  I can resonate with this since I’m currently a bivocational pastor, albeit an interim one.  (HT: Catablog)

4.  Quote from J.C. Ryle – “our best deeds are no more than splendid sins.” (HT: Thabiti Anyabwile @9 Marks)

5.  Five Lessons from Luther on preaching.

6.  GOP, don’t divorce the marriage issue.

7.  The unintended consequences of not thinking things through.

8.  Tweeting from space – Mike Massimino (HT: Jeff Anglo)

9.  Why Protestants Should Read Thomas Aquinas.

10.  The Left evidently does embrace torture.

11.  One-fourth of overseas votes go uncounted.

12.  The Evangelical Outpost has new digs.  Good to see Joe Carter back to blogging!  He explains the reason for the change here.

13.  4 out of 10 babies are born to unwed mothers.  Owen Strachan ponders the implications for the Church.

14.  Greg Gutfeld on Global Warming, the EPA and the Economy.

15.  Cook County Board President Todd Stroger a part of the Obama candidate?  If so, definitely no hope and change there.  Just good old Chicago politics.

16.  President Obama made a good decision not to release photos of prisoner abuse.  There is no purpose served in doing so.

17.  R.S. McCain schools AP on politicians and ghost writers.  Chris Matthews needs it as well.

18. No Girls Allowed!  Sweden Okays Gender Eugenic Abortion.

19.  Was time created?

20.  Political Correctness Must Die!

Bonus: Some Star Trek Political Humor from Michael Ramirez.


HT: Rick Moore

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