William Jacobson yesterday wonders why some adults (probably using the word loosely) think it’s ok to attack kids of politicians they don’t like.

It really is hard to understand why some adults feel the need to make fun of Trig Palin, a one-year old who has Down Syndrome. Politics alone cannot explain it. If you don’t like Sarah Palin, fine, but why go after Trig?

The controversy regarding the Photoshop of Trig by Alaskan blogger Linda Biegel is only the tip of the iceberg. Ever since Sarah’s nomination, Trig has been a target. Last fall, the popular DC-based "gossip" website Wonkette joked how Trig must have wished he’d been aborted. Now Wonkette has taken Biegel’s Photoshop antics as an excuse to go after Trig anew.

In a recent post, Wonkette promoted and joked about even cruder Photoshops of Trig at the Something Awful web forum, where people can post anonymously…

They even included one of their own at this forum (I’m not posting any of the pictures here).  Biegel had taken her photoshopped picture down (based on the one above), but she is also promoting this forum as well.

Would it be possible to leave kids out of the picture?  I mean come on, do you actually have anything credible to say?  Belittling people, especially a child with Down Syndrome doesn’t make a case for you.

Jacobson said that, “It takes small people to stoop this low.”  Very true.  R.S. McCain goes a little further than I would.

Well Linda Biegel, people at Wonkette and Something Awful, and others do have a constitutional right in this country to make an ass out themselves.  It doesn’t mean you have to use it though.

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  1. The only thing I can think is they are trying to get Sarah Palin to comment out of anger and say something that would potentially hurt her career. People that do this should have their credentials pulled and never be allowed to be published again. Easier said than done. I am not a Palin fan but this is B.S. and these people won't get her to stoop to their level!

  2. This is just another example of Palins' mouthpiece Meg Stapleton attempting to manufacture a false and inflammatory image that Palin has once again has been mistreated and has gone to even lower standards by claiming a disabled child has been used. The superficial individuals who have bought into this claim demonstrates the low caliber of individuals who believe that this unqualified politian actually is capable of governing. It is scary to believe their are such ignorant people out their who will actually fall for this type of individual. Now we know how Hitler was able to succeed. You are welcomed to further demonstrate your ignorance by using your elementary logic in condeming this comment.

  3. Wow, I didn't realize that Wonkette, Celtic Diva and others are giving Meg Stapleton posting privileges on their blogs. That's incredible. Thanks for the scoop.

  4. Ealbert, Governor Palin is a qualified politician as proved by her stellar performance as Governor of Alaska. Her case is proven. No need to argue that point.
    You will in any case agree that belittling a dis-abled one-year old child, whether it be your child or Governor Palin's child or anyone's child is mean and nasty.
    Decent people would not do that.

  5. Olivia, you are right, thereis not need of arguing because she has not been around enough to accomplish anything. If you would, please list her accomplishments. Also too, Someone needs to teach her proper grammer so she will no longer make this State look so ignorant. Also, she lies so much she has to have someone else call her dog. Besides, if you look into the website you will find no one was making fun of her child, that was Meg Stapletons spine to find a reason to get back at someone for requesting Palins e-mails.

  6. Ealbert – if you want Olivia to know you commented, you should click the reply link underneath her comment.

    Ealbert – it's grammar, not grammer, how about you learn how to spell it before you criticize somebody's usage of it, ok? Also state shouldn't be capitalized, unless since State isn't a proper noun, but since you are master of the English language you should know that.

    Regarding “the website” which one, Wonkette which said “Trig must have wish he were aborted,” or Something Awful which that was all it was about? There were many disgusting pictures in there.

    As far as her accomplishments, how about the fact that when other states are having to borrow Alaska has reserves. AGIA. Cut spending. Forward funded education. Those are just some I'm thinking of off the top of my head.

    Again I'm impressed with Celtic Diva and those like her who are conspiring with Meg Stapleton to photoshop those pictures and get them uploaded to her site. Wow.

    Regarding the emails – Palin provided them or did you miss that as well?

  7. Sorry for the grammatical errors, but I was typing quickly and not proof reading my blog since it is an informal format. I capitalized State since I was refering to Alaska specifically, which I believe should be capitalized when used as such. I wish to also thank you for informing me about hitting the “Reply” link when returning a reply.
    As far as the Alaskan reserves, she just happen to be in office when the petroleum prices skyrocket which actually started before she got into office. She did not cut significantly in spending and she also hurt us by getting signifcantly less Federal (you'll notice Cap “F” was used in Federal ), dollars that we had in the past. As of yesterday, it was my understanding she had not received them or turned in the request, so if she has she received them it was today. I am also not that familiar with Celtic Diva except hearing she was collecting money to pay for the cost of the e-mail records.

  8. No problem with the grammatical errors, I just thought it humorous since you were critiquing Governor Palin's grammar.

    With the Alaskan reserves, I'll give you that she game in at a good time in the market, but she also resisted the temptation to increase spending. Instead they saved.

    Regarding her cutting spending – Gov. Murkowski's last budget was $11,697,400,000 (FY07 –…) and Gov. Palin's lastest budget is $10,570,000,000 (…) that is 9.5% or $1,127,400,000. That's not chump change in a state budget.

    She approved most of the stimulus money with the exception of DOE funds which came with strings attached. The Legislature can always override that.

    As far as Celtic Diva, she should have to pay for the cost of the email records, why should the taxpayers have to foot the bill? These ethic complaints are absolutely bogus. It is an abuse of the Executive Ethics Act.

  9. I glad you got a laugh at my fast typing errors, and I might also add my lack of proof reading, but I certainly had it coming. As to your response on this years budget, Gov. Murkowski wasn't known as a conservative spender. She did do what she said promised she would do and that was to cut spending. We were also experiencing less money coming in due to the price of oil being much below our forcasts and had to rely on some of our savings to get by. So we really did need to cut our spending. As far as the stimulus money, she said initially she would not accept 40% of it, and then in light of the public outcry because of the state income was down, she accepted all but a small small minority of the money, (I can't remember the exact percent she refused). She said it was because of strings dispite what the legislature said, including her own party, and never was explicid on what the strings were and how it would have been damaging to the State. The stimulous money she refused was for weatherizing and enery effieciency, which is important in Alaska no matter where you live. The so called new code requirements was only for new commercial buildings, additions, and maybe new homes. I strongly feel she only denied that part of the stimulous to save face from what she originally stated. I checked back at the Celtic Diva, I have no problem in being charged for what it actually cost the State to compile the records requested. Many govenmental agencies charge people requesting records. As for abusive Ethical complaints, some have no doubt been abusive, while the one in particular concerning wearing the Artic Cat coat while representing the State and starting the race, I feel was valid and should have been pursued. Re: I have proof read this, hope it makes sense!

  10. See I disagree with the Arctic Cat complaint, I thought that one was the most ridiculous. She was wearing it supporting her husbands team. They didn't give her money to wear it. You could say that about anything with a label on it that she wears.

  11. Artic Cat was giving her husband/family monetary benefits in terms of equipment (including cloths) which she inturn provided corporate public exposure by wearing during the opening ceremonies of the race. It would have made the most sense to wear another coat during the public ceremony. The legislature can over ride the govenors refusal and it will be interesting to see what the do in that regards. The point is that she refused it. You are right the government can't be continuing to bail us out. This particular period and the chanalleges we are facing, and the world is facing, with the down economy is rather unusal. I, like everyone else, don't know if the stimulous will work, but I know of any other solutions. It seemed to have worked during the Depression, so maybe it will work again. It is indeed a gamble, and it must be carefully managed and monitored. I know my most of my friend don't like it or are like me and hope it works. Either way, if you look back at the history of our National deficit, it starts its' dramatic climb during the Reagon years. The problem of Federal government over spending has been going on longer than most people seem to believe. People can'nt blame the over spending on just one party.

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