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  1. Good morning Shane!

    Just saw this post this morning. It's been discussed many times (especially of late) but it's one of the most succinct ones I've read on the topic of “The Late Great United States”.

    Sobering. It's so hard to not get caught up in this and feel like America is doomed. But then, as Christians, we have to remember that if we are in Christ, then we are not doomed. We need to continue to be salt and light and continue to pray for our nation and bring as many souls to Christ. God will do what He will do to America–our judgment is surely around the corner–but we need to be about our Father's business now.

  2. I thought the dog story was hilarious (in a sick kind of way).

    I was wondering. . .
    How does one put links in the comments like Joe Chavez did? Thanks. Sorry for being such a nu-nu head.

  3. Frances,

    You need to use the “a href” function. I'd post it here, but–and I'm not a very good programmer–I think if I do, it'll end up turning into a link.

    The way I learned how to do is just google “href” and there will be plenty of info showing you how to use it. It's pretty easy.

  4. Thanks for fielding that. I actually didn't get to see your comment on the blog because it is blocked at my office, LOL (they block all personal websites & most blogs). So I have to respond to comments using e-mail when I'm there.

  5. I'll accept your invitation to plug something from my blog.

    For the last couple of days I've been attending the Amahoro conference at Hekpoort, west of Pretoria. About 250 people, mostly young, discussing post-colonialism, truth & reconciliation, homelessness, xenophobia and Christian responses to these.

    They come from various countries, mostly from Africa.

    I hope it might be possible to continue the conversation on Usenet or other forums, and perhaps involve a wider group, including people who weren't able to be there.

    Here are three blog posts I've posted, covering the conference, and each has links to more:

    1. Postcolonialism –
    2. Adriaan Vlok – truth & reconciliation
    3. Brian McLaren, Bishop Paul Verryn, xenophobia

    There are also links to places where you can download recordings of papers read, etc.

    So if possible read some of these, and share your thoughts.

  6. You might be interested in this:
    Basically, Connecticut had some legislators try to craft legislation specifically targeting the Catholic Church.

    The Church objected.

    The Church is now being told that she broke the law by being an “unregistered lobbyist.”

    If this works, expect charges of lobbying every time your church speaks out for its beliefs.

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