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  1. I am in a ranting mood. Can I rant about things that annoy me in the Church?

    1. The lack of true Christian Charity. Why do we not love one another. It seems that that is last on our list.

    2. The lack of grace for one another. Christ has lavished grace on us, and yet we have very little grace for one another.

    3. The world having a bigger impact on the Church than the other way around.

    4. Fluffy evangelicalism.

    5. Judging. Why do we judge each other so much for the wrong things. We judge each others godliness. Or the other one that really gets me is when people say “it just matters what is in your heart.” I finally had to say to someone, “What is in our hearts is wicked.” Any good in me is from Christ.

    I will leave it at that. I am a little annoyed today, can you tell?

  2. Shamelessly promoting my blog: Take a peek!
    Also sharing some thoughts:
    My radio station has a “what I learned in the elevator ride up” I've decided to take that concept and list some things that struck me today…

    Mammograms are not fun, indeed, but they are not the monstrous procedure they've been made out to be. Cowboy up ladies, it's worth it!

    Even if you don't think “it” is a thing, funny how the devil will use it to torment you anyway, God prevails.

    Mammogram technicians deserve a raise. You think it's bad for the one getting it – ha it was over for me in half an hour she has to do that all day long… yes different side of the table, but not fun for them either. 🙂

    Obama is a jedi knight because he can kill a fly, and PETA is not happy about it! My two year old can kill a fly and neither Obama worshipers nor PETA give a darn. My two year old is cuter too. 🙂

    Found my bumper sticker via a facebook friend: Don't blame me I voted for the American!

    Barbara Boxer is an egotistical maniac who can't call a General a General but God forbid he call her ma'am instead of Senator.

    Some people really fight tooth and nail to tell you they can be Pro-choice AND Catholic at the same time. I'm a vegetarian who eats meat…

    Ted Nugent is still cool! Now it isn't all about his music as much as it is his straight talk. 🙂

    I'd be a sniper in the Army …a friend and I decided that it's a mom thing – stay back and shoot anything that moves while loved ones get out safe. 🙂 (it was a facebook quiz – I'm not really joining the army).

    I have found someone who disagrees with me completely but is still able to have a civil conversation with me. 🙂 AWESOME!

    Kids can sleep through anything!

    My kids think I'm a pushover, and I probably am.

    Obama can promise unemployment wont hit over 8 to get the vote but is not asked to explain himself when he gets what he wants and it still hits 10. 🙁

    Husbands are incredible!

    Spiders are not scary… until they actually CHASE you!

    Birds are cool to watch.

    My kids are growing up too fast.

    🙂 Have a blessed day! ~Maxine~

  3. Good morning Shane and Co.!

    Post plug: A Real Estate Transaction of Biblical Proportions. I wrote this for the benefit of unbelievers or folks who just don't understand the history behind the world's aggression over Israel's right to the land. I felt it was especially relevant given what's been happening over just the past few weeks.

    FYI: I'm really getting into FOX News. I've always like Hannity, but I'm really starting to like O'Reilly and Greta. I thank God that there is at least one station that is fair and balanced and realizes the mess that Obama is getting us into.

    Prayer Request: one of my sisters-in-law–a single mom–just got her walking papers from our local school district. God has always taken care of her and her two kids, but I sense that this layoff has gotten her really down. I'd like to ask for prayers for God to carry her during this time of change.

    Lastly, sort of piggybacking off of my sister-in-law's layoff. The school district sighted the $24 Billion that the “golden state” is short. It boils my blood knowing that Obama gave $60 Billion to GM and $30 Billion to Chrysler. Let me see… that means the money the government spent to buy those two companies could have bailed out the entire state of California three times over!!!.

    Yeah… don't blame me, I voted for the American (HT to Maxine above!)

  4. Go Maxine. Just so you know Shane, Maxine is a friend of mine in real life. I have to make those statements, now in the internet age. She is a fellow homeschooler, and our children attend a home school program together. She is an example to me of it done well, as she now send her oldest to West Point Prep. And I love her to death, because even though she is a Catholic (ha) she shows such love and grace, and has been an encouragement to me.

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