The picture above looks like it would be a nice place to be… I’m on semi-vacation, but we are at home.  It’s been good to relax and read for leisure.  How has your summer been?  Vacation plans?  Have those plans been affected by the economy?  Well, this is your post – Friday again, rant and rave, shameless plug, question, whatever you want.

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  1. Happy Friday!

    With all the news about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, one story that is not getting any coverage at all is the announcement of the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church who is going to unveil the ark of the covenant supposedly early this morning.

    Maybe it's all a ruse, but I recently did a study of the ark and the mercy seat (how ironic) and I, personally, am not ready to just dismiss this story. After going through the Bible and doing a study on the passages related to the ark (I invite everyone to do this … eye opening!) his assertion has at least some merit.

  2. Interesting story… now when it is unveiled I wonder how they are going to go about proving authenticity. Anybody want to volunteer for that job? At least the WND story covered both sides.

  3. That's true. From what I've heard, the folks who have seen the ark say that the gold is flaking off and the wood underneath is deteriorating. But the mercy seat, being pure gold, is still beautiful.

    I have to admit, I'm not sure what to make of it being “shown” right now. I'd almost prefer them to keep it under wraps and deliver it to our Meshiach Nagid in Jerusalem when He returns to sit upon His Throne!

  4. I do not know if this is the place for this, but I feel like this story will be buried by our state run media. I also do not know how true it is, but it is worth looking into.


  5. It's going really well. I've learned a lot and I'm having a lot of fun. I never realized how much work goes into designing a landfill!

  6. Happy Saturday morning to you! 🙂

    Shane, it seems that the IRS has not yet responded to the coalition of pastors (On the Right AND Left) who let thier views on scripture be known and tell thier congregations who to vote for in the last election by name. How do you feel about this? I think it's o.k. You seen to be very involved in Iowa Politics. I don't know my American Church history very well, but I think some of the early pastors during the Revolutionary War were the head of a militia as well.

  7. My thoughts are this as a pastor I am not going to make an endorsement from the pulpit. My position on this has nothing to do with the IRS, but with the Gospel. Now I will preach on issues and help cultivate a biblical worldview from the pulpit, but I think the Church itself loses its prophetic voice when become tied to a party. I also don't want somebody who is visiting think they aren't welcome if they are say a Democrat.

    Now I think it is appropriate to call an elected official out in a rebuke on occasion I'm thinking of what John Piper did in January with President Obama, but that would be as far as I would go.

    Now I don't agree with some who says Pastors can't endorse at all (there are some pastors who feel this way). I'm also a private citizen who should be able to voice my opinion. So I guess I believe in the separation of pulpit and blog ;). I've said, tongue in cheek, on a couple of different occasions that if a person was really confused about who to vote for that they could see me after church.

    Regarding the Revolutionary War, I know that was true in some communities, but not all.

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