1. The Power of Short Prayers by Greg Stier

I remember hearing the story of the famous evangelist D.L. Moody at a revival. The man who was closing the service in prayer was going on and on, showing off his supplication skills in front of the large crowd. After several minutes of waxing eloquent D.L. Moody approached the pulpit where the wordy-would-be prayer warrior was flexing his prayerful prowess. Putting his arm around the unsuspecting man D.L. Moody spoke loudly over him, “While our dear brother finishes his prayer, let’s close in a hymn!” With that Moody led the crowd in a rousing closing chorus. (read the rest)

2. Out of Ur: Urban Exile: Gran Torino by David Swanson

Clint Eastwood taught me something the other day. The veteran actor and director’s latest film sheds light on the tendency by many of us to seek the cultural values of homogeneity, stability, and comfort rather than finding God in the midst of our confusing, painful, and volatile circumstances. (read the rest)

3. Pong Shot… I don’t know, if they really did this, it’s amazing.

HT: Anne Jackson

4.  Unashamed Workman: Evangelism – 8 Common Problems by Colin Adams

Church members cannot articulate the gospel clearly.

Response: The pastor should articulate the gospel with clarity from the pulpit on a regular basis. Presenting the gospel clearly on a regular basis will help fellow-Christians present it more clearly too. If necessary, church members should work through a study like 2 ways to live (read the rest)

5. The A-Team Blog: A Case for Beauty by Roger Overton

Last week Amy posted over at the STR blog on the need for Christians to defend God’s goodness and beauty, and rather conveniently I was at the same time thinking about this post. We all know that postmodernism has deeply affected the public understanding of truth in our time. At this point, Christians have ample resources to be able to respond to relativistic claims regarding truth and morality. Postmodernism’s attack on the objectivity of beauty has been just as brutal, but has not generated the same degree of response. Even many Christians believe that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” (read the rest)


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