1. The Pugnacious Irishman: Forcing the Ostrich to Take His Head out of the Sand by Rich Bordner

One of the most common arguments against showing pictures of aborted fetuses is that they are too graphic and tasteless.  They shock and anger people.

When someone says this, I usually ask: who should you be angry at–the person showing you the picture, or the doctor that did that to the child? (read the rest)

2.  TownHall.com: Can Morocco Save the Middle East? by S.E. Cupp

In Barack Obama’s speech to the Muslim world in Egypt, he spoke at great length about the importance of America’s role in reaching peace in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The sentiment is no doubt genuine, but it’s unclear to many Americans and Muslims alike just how he plans to get there. Whatever road his administration plans to take, it should go through Morocco. (read the rest)

3.  Principled Discovery: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child used against English homeschoolers by Dana Hanley

The Review of Home Education in England by Graham Badman spells bad news for independent home education in England.  In fact, if all recommendations are adopted, England will go from having the most liberal home education laws in Europe to some of the most restrictive (not counting countries where home education is illegal.)  The opening quote is interesting (read the rest)

4.  The Corner on NRO: Obama throughout History by Rich Lowry

On the Sack of Rome: "Any time a major urban area is plundered so quickly, it is concerning to us. We are sure the Gauls and Chieftain Brennus understand Roman worries about the utter devastation of their city." (read the rest)

HT: Rick Moore

5.  Clapham Community: It’s All In Your Head by Mike Hall

If you believe in God, its all in your head. At least that is what some scientists are trying to prove. Rather than actually considering that they may be some justification for faith, scientists are trying to isolate certain chemicals in the brain that effect why people seek God and how the concept of God is perceived. (read the rest)

6.  You Can’t Be Ready for The Stoning of Soraya M. by Catherine Favazza

I saw an advance screening of The Stoning of Soraya M. tonight, and it got me thinking about all the freedoms that I take for granted. For those who don’t know, Stoning is the true story of the murder of an innocent Iranian woman, condemned to death by her husband’s greed and lust. (read the rest)

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