1. The Spyglass: Thought on the true nature and purpose of the conscience by Rob Harrison

As I’ve noted before, “conscience” is a problematic word in our culture—not because it’s a hard concept to understand, but because we find it a hard one to accept. We don’t want our conscience to be something that pokes at us and makes us face the fact when we’re doing something wrong; we tend to want to do what we want to do, and we want to believe that if we can convince ourselves we feel good about doing what we want to do, then it must be OK. (read the rest)

2.  Rasmussen: 39% Now Blame Bad Economy on Obama’s Policies

While most U.S. voters still blame the Bush Administration for the nation’s economic problems, a growing number are inclined to blame President Barack Obama. (read the rest)

3. World Magazine: The Sixth Wind? by Marvin Olasky

Sometimes it seems that an atheistic tsunami has hit. Anti-Christian books land high on bestseller lists. Polls purportedly show a decline in belief. Newsweek this spring had one of its traditional Easter cover stories on "The Decline and Fall of Christian America."

Whenever the conventional wisdom points in a particular direction it’s good practice to ask: What if the opposite is true? What if nominal Christian affiliation is declining but serious biblical belief is actually on the rise? What if Christianity in America is not dying, but instead getting its second wind—or maybe its sixth wind? (read the rest)

HT: David C. Innes

4. RedState.com: Meet the Basij, Iran’s thug militia by Josh Painter

If you’ve watched any of the televised images from Iran since the people first went into the streets to protest their country’s rigged election, you’ve seen them in action. That bunch of thugs wearing civilian garb and clubbing protesters with nightsticks are the Basij — Niruyeh Moghavemat Basij is the formal name — the militia the mullahs use to maintain control of Iran’s population. (read the rest)

5. Green Baggins: Inerrancy vs. the god Objectivity by Reed DePace

In light of the conversation here, I’ve been planning this post for a few weeks now. Frankly, I’ve been concerned that “younger” evangelicals are bothered by the appearance of secular sourced evidence that “proves” the Bible contains errors. I’ve been there and continue to face this challenge.

I note in many of their questions and comments an underlying angst. They are frustrated, in part, because the old inspiration-inerrancy-infallibility triad seems fatally broken by unquestionable secular evidence. They try to couch this in terms of “determining how the Bible is authoritative,” all the while dismissing the intra-Biblical evidences for its inerrancy. (read the rest)


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