1. Her.meneutics – Neda: More Than Her Death by Christine A. Scheller

The image that swiftly leapt time zones and that has thus far come to symbolize the protesters’ cause in Iran is that of 26-year-old Neda Agha-Soltan, a beautiful young woman whose death was videotaped and uploaded to Facebook by an expatriate friend of the video-taper residing in the Netherlands.

The video is heartbreaking and graphic. I don’t want to see it again. On Twitter yesterday morning, someone questioned the morality of using it as an icon. I wanted to tweet back: It is obscene. We don’t even know her name. What must her mother feel?  (read the rest)

2.  Weekly Standard: Finding His Inner Lyndon Johnson by Gary Andres

A recent Washington Post headline blared some unhappy news for the White House: "Obama Initiatives Hit Speed Bumps On Capitol Hill." Moving from popular campaign slogans like "change" to actual legislation is difficult. At one level, Obama understands this. "We’ve got a much longer journey to travel, and this is when it gets hard," he recently told a group of Democratic donors at a fundraiser. (read the rest)

3.  Monergism: Principles in Reformed Apologetics/Evangelism by John Hendryx

Human reasoning is never free from the effects of sin, and people deny God, not because they lack evidence, but because their hearts are rebellious. The propositions, Christ is Lord and Christ is Savior are obviously understood intellectually by anyone who reads or hears Scripture. The words are written down on the page of the Bible making it an item of knowledge that is objective. Prior to conversion a person is incapable of perceiving spiritual knowledge (1 Cor 2:14, 1 John 4:2, 14, 5:20). Instead, humanity willfully attempts to suppress and pervert true knowledge (Romans 1:18). Thus we can see there is no lack of intellectual capacity to believe, nor are humans intellectually ignorant, rather it is because sinful rebellion rules their hearts that men refuse to believe. So the difference between the regenerate and unregenerate is the relationship each has with the Holy Spirit.  (read the rest)

4.  Watch Out for Myths About Fatherhood by Dr. Albert Mohler

The role of the father is increasingly problematic in the context of modern American culture. Fatherhood has been marginalized and the rule and authority of fathers have been depreciated, ridiculed, and continuously redefined. From the Berenstain Bears to The Simpsons, fathers are all too often the object of ridicule or the subject of the laugh line. (read the rest)

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