1. “Envy, Equality, and Economic Destruction” by Amy Hall

The idea that some are more wealthy–sometimes much more wealthy–than others is very disturbing to the Left.  They believe they hold the moral position with their policies because they are working toward equality.  The problem is that it is not fair or just to enforce an equality of outcome because, by necessity, you will need to take by force what some people have worked for.  People have different abilities and ambitions which necessarily lead to different outcomes if they’re free to create what they like.  The only way to prevent this is to do something very ugly indeed. (read the rest)

2. “Defining Discourse Down” by Kevin DeYoung

No one has mistaken our day as an age of powerful, rational discourse. The McLaughlin Group doesn’t usually evoke memories of Lincoln-Douglas, and Twittering about your favorite bagel from Panera isn’t exactly correspondence on the level of John and Abigail Adams.

But perhaps I’m being unfair. When has any debate in the last 150 years evoked memories of Lincoln-Douglas? And how is Twitter versus America’s most remarkable letter-writing first family a fair fight? But even if these comparisons are stacked, who would argue against the notion that we have defined discourse down? The discourse of the average educated adult conversing in the realm of ideas with another average educated adult is not, on average, very educated, let alone interesting. (read the rest)

3.  “Here’s a Story Idea that Will Be Ignored: Two Shootings” by Kevin D. Williams

Shortly after the murder of George Tiller, pro-life groups put out statements denouncing the crime. These statements came from all over the pro-life camp. Some were more forthright than others, it it true, but most were admirable in their categorical rejection of vigilante killings.

This morning, a U.S. Army recruiting station was attacked. One recruiter was killed, another hurt. Any statements from the antiwar Left deploring that violence? I’ve seen none from Code Pink, which has called U.S. servicemen "war criminals" and worse in service of a "fascist dictatorship," and whose rhetoric has, in general, been comparable to that of the less temperate branches of the pro-life movement. If you want to check International ANSWER’S press statements, you’ll find nothing deploring this violence. (read the rest)

HT: Pundit & Pundette  Also FYI – Sarah Palin issued a statement regarding these two murders as well.  President Obama has issued a statement regarding the Tiller murder.  Still no statement from him (as of 12:14p on 6/3) regarding the murder of Pvt. William Long.  As the Commander-in-Chief, he should be ashamed.

4.  “President Obama’s Middle East Policy” by Lisa Graas

On June 4, Obama is scheduled to speak in Cairo where he is expected to address in a fundamental way a relationship between America and Muslim nations that has been renewed by his election. The Left is billing this as a "hope and change" speech. They "hope" the world will see that America has "changed" in the way it views the Muslim world by electing a President who is more willing to reach out to them with the hand of friendship; a president who isn’t likely to stumble by using words like "crusade" and who will give the Muslim world the respect the Left thinks they deserve. This all sounds nice on the surface to the average Joe (particularly the Left-leaning Joe or the Joe who is unhappy with Bush’s handling of things), but is it all really that simple? Just what is this "change" and can he present it in a way that provides leadership? Judging from what we’ve seen so far, Obama has tried mightily to get his message across without much success in the Muslim world and at some political cost at home. (read the rest)


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