1. Real Clear Politics: The Wilderness Years Begin by William Voegeli

American conservatism, according to John Judis, has "slipped back into the chaos and impotence that prevailed" before National Review was launched in 1955. Judis, a careful though not neutral observer of all things conservative, reported in the New Republic, "Conservatives’ repudiation of Bush is part of their own self-denial. By pretending that he is entirely separate from them, they can delude themselves" that his unpopularity is not theirs.

Conservatives at the dawn of the Obamerican Century may be comforted to learn that Judis wrote this obituary in 1992, one Bush presidency and half an election-cycle before Republicans won congressional majorities that would last for 12 years.  (read the rest)

2. Alamo City Pundit: Glamorizing Environmental Terrorism: Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars”

In real life I work in a hospital. my job requires me from time-to-time to sit at a patient’s bedside for prolonged periods, performing my duties. If the patient is conscious and watching TV, I get to watch wathever they’re watching, for the period of time (usually hours) it takes to perform my duties.

If I’m lucky, it’s something I’m familiar with and enjoy. If I’m not so lucky, it’s WHALE WARS from Animal Planet. (read the rest)

3. American Princess: They’re Just Not That Into You, Obama by E.M. Zanotti

Listen, I’m not one to give relationship advice, but, seriously, sometimes you’ve just got to step in and help out a hot mess.

Obama, there’s a point where you look interested and a point where you look like you’re trying way too hard. You should do everything possible to avoid the latter, for a few reasons, namely, you don’t want to look too desperate. You want to convey that, sure, you’d like to have a drink with the other person, maybe dinner, maybe a quiet walk in the park after dusk, casually mocking the homeless people sleeping on park benches, all finished off with an adorable two-straws-in-the-same soda moment at the all-night diner. You’re shooting for a peck on the cheek and a shy, almost uncomfortable goodnight. You don’t want to convey to the other person that you’re (a) so desperate for their affection you’d walk around licking their feet for a week, or (b) you’re one boiled bunny away from Glenn Close. (read the rest)

4.  Remembering Reagan by Leslie Carbone

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the passing of Ronald Reagan.

What follows is the tribute I wrote at the time:


Families in Berlin awoke Sunday morning to the news that Ronald Reagan had “slipped the surly bonds of earth”. They were free to reach out to friends and relatives anywhere in the city for comfort—-because the Berlin Wall no longer keeps them apart. (read the rest)

  1. Gotta second the disgust and hostility to the morons out harassing and vandalizing the Japanese ships.

    My husband and I watched one ep at my folks'– both of us are former Navy– and we spent most of the time counting up safety violations.

    If they were going against most anyone *besides* the Japanese, someone would be dead by now.

  2. Most polite folks I know– and highly restrained, for lack of a better word.

    They try that on Americans, etc, at least ONE person is going to say “screw this” and take matters into their own hands. From what I've seen of the Japanese, they wouldn't do that unless OKed by whoever is in charge.

    This is the same kind of cowardice that makes a lot of protesters choose, say, the US military to insult and assault– less likely to get hurt.

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