1. Stand to Reason Blog: Learn to Defend God’s Beauty by Amy Hall

After listening to a few of Christopher Hitchens’s debates with Christians, one quickly sees (because of how many times he returns to the subject) that his core problem with Christianity is that he finds the Christian God petty, tyrannical, spiteful, unjust, hateful, and unreasonable. In short, he hates Him and wants nothing to do with Him. I’ve been finding that this is not at all unusual for atheists.

Those of us interested in apologetics spend a lot of time learning to defend the reality of God and Christianity, but not nearly enough time learning to deeply understand the beauty and goodness of His character and actions. But we need to be able to do this if we are to present God to someone else as a person–someone worthy of devotion and trust. (read the rest)

2.  The Scriptorium Daily: Compare Scripture to Scripture by R.A. Torrey

Study your Bible comparatively.

What do I mean by this? Simply this, compare Scripture with Scripture. The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible itself. A verse in Deuteronomy will oftentimes shed a wondrous light on a verse in the Four Gospels. A verse in Daniel or Ezekiel will oftentimes shed a flood of light upon an apparently obscure verse, or seemingly meaningless verse, in Revelation. (read the rest)

3.  Et Elle, et al: Who and How?

I recently heard a comment regarding who and how families are brought to Christ that intrigued me.

A guest speaker at a Children’s Ministries Teacher Appreciation Banquet cited a statistic that “only 3%” of families are “won for Christ” if kids are reached first or foremost.   Only “17%” of families were “reached for Christ” if women were reached first or foremost.   If men are reached for Christ, guess what the figure jumps to in terms of “winning families for the Lord”?  Ninety-five percent.  As in, if men are won for Christ, the likelihood of a whole family being reached is 95%, as opposed to 17% when women are targeted and a mere 3% when the focus is on children. (read the rest)

4.  The Evangelical Outpost: Twitter, Coming to a church near you? by Rachel Motte

Is the Holy Spirit at work on twitter?  According to a recent Time magazine article, it might be.

Time recently highlighted a congregation in Michigan that has hosted about a dozen “Twitter Sundays”, complete with increased bandwith in the church sanctuary and training sessions for those new to the medium.  John Voelz, a pastor at Westwinds Community Church, developed the idea while trying to think of ways to make church “not suck”.  Voelz is one of a growing number of pastors who have found ways to integrate twitter and other new technologies into their weekly worship services: (read the rest)

5.  The Bride Wore White – But Why? by Owen Strachan

Newsweek is running a piece, “MySpace Generation Brides Go for Sexy, Not Virgin” that chronicles the sexualization of weddings and offers this concise statement of where things are:

“In response, sociologists say, the sexier dresses and the handoff of pin-up pictures—which was introduced into the wedding prep about three years ago—are ways to add spark to an already-established couple’s sex life and mark the marriage as a monumental life change. (read the rest)

  1. Shane, while I appreciate the point you're trying to make with #2, I think it is folly to try to “shed some light” on Revelation. The Apocalypse of John is many things: it is rife with violent metaphorical language, arcane and often incoherent prophecy, and also a social commentary on the eastern Roman Empire circa the early first century. But one thing that it is not is fathomable by the average modern person without a great deal of specialized knowledge of antiquity. I'm not saying don't read Revelation, but read it with a grain of salt (or a heaping spoonful of salt), and the same goes for the OT. Why bother trying to squeeze blood from those turnips when we have the words of Jesus, very clearly expressed in the NT? I firmly believe that the only instruction a person truly *needs* to be a good Christian is the sermon on the mount, which can be understood by a child.

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