Lisa emailed me about this article in the NY Daily News that is promoting this article in Vanity Fair, and it stars our “favorite” anonymous sources – disgruntled McCain staffers who love to trash Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  You would think that they could come up with something new at least?

“She’s a diva…”  Right, diva’s always shop at Wal-Mart and resale shops.  “She’s a whackjob.”  No whoever was responsible for running the McCain campaign qualifies as a “whackjob.”  Yada, yada.  At least be man (or woman) enough to own your statements.

Joseph Russo has a good rebuttal to this, and Josh Painter makes some observations as to whose former staffers might be behind this and why.  I’ll give  you two clues.  He was a former governor and his name is a piece of sports equipment.  Not that he or his campaign has ever lied before.

Anyway folks, old anklebiting, no news here.

Update: Here’s a positive (non-political) interview with Sarah Palin out today by Runner’s World.  Great article, but man I feel lazy.

  1. Thanks for this post. I am tired of the media – and everyone else trashing Sarah Palin. I believe she is a fine wife, mother and husband.
    If she runs for president – I am voting for Sarah.

    God bless!

  2. Wow, that article in POLITICO by Ben Smith says it all. You might want to provide a link to that. Schmidt admits that he fired Scheunemann because he had an email inquiry done and found that Scheunemann had “leaked” Wallace's identity as the “leaker” to Kristol. And apparently we're all supposed to think Kristol is lashing out at Schmidt because he's mad about that. I mean, really????? How sad is all this, Shane?? He admits that he fired (or tried to fire) the leaker of the name of the one who leaked bad stuff about Palin. I mean, my goodness!!

    I mentioned this admission by Schmidt on my blog and hope you will, too. I think the POLITICO article ensures that Schmidt will never be on any campaign's payroll again.

  3. Presidential races are won or lost on the strength of the head of the ticket. Palin was the only reason many Republicans got even mildly excited about McCain. Now they're motivated by pride to rationalize to themselves why it wasn't McCain's fault we lost. And it was McCain's fault we lost. The man was always an erratic zig-zagger with barely any public speaking abilities, a history of ridiculing evangelicals and conservatives, and a vainglorious love of media praise.

  4. What's worse is that it is likely those McCain staff were likely former Romney staff (about 80% of his campaign staff went to work with McCain) and they are likely trying to position him for a 2012 run.

    That's even worse in my mind.

  5. Indeed, there are any number of sinister intentions behind plots to bring down Palin. The fact that so many of the staff are Romney people is probably the most serious and relevant. This is why it's important that we take reports from “unnamed sources” with a HUGE grain of salt.

  6. I'm not a big fan of Gov. Palin. I won't bother to get into why, because that's not the point of this comment.

    Anyone who just throws information out there anonymously isn't worth listening to. Not unless there's something to support it. And with this crap … there isn't. She's a “whackjob”? So, someone wanted to be anonymous just because s/he lacked the guts that every school kid has, to call someone a name?

    This is well beyond absurd.

  7. I think, mostly, that it comes down to candidate loyalties, or else just buying into conventional foolishness … err, … wisdom.

    Any GOP 2012 candidate has to deal with Gov. Palin. If she can be bumped off by nonsense along the way, that's done.

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