Lisa emailed me about this article in the NY Daily News that is promoting this article in Vanity Fair, and it stars our “favorite” anonymous sources – disgruntled McCain staffers who love to trash Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  You would think that they could come up with something new at least?

“She’s a diva…”  Right, diva’s always shop at Wal-Mart and resale shops.  “She’s a whackjob.”  No whoever was responsible for running the McCain campaign qualifies as a “whackjob.”  Yada, yada.  At least be man (or woman) enough to own your statements.

Joseph Russo has a good rebuttal to this, and Josh Painter makes some observations as to whose former staffers might be behind this and why.  I’ll give  you two clues.  He was a former governor and his name is a piece of sports equipment.  Not that he or his campaign has ever lied before.

Anyway folks, old anklebiting, no news here.

Update: Here’s a positive (non-political) interview with Sarah Palin out today by Runner’s World.  Great article, but man I feel lazy.

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