And yet, the healthcare bill doesn’t exclude abortion mandates.  So another reason to be opposed to this healthcare bill that will increase taxes and undermine private insurance.

Kim Lehman of Iowa Right to Life writes the consequences of this bill there is not specific language on abortion, it will in effect do the following:

  1. Compel taxpayers to finance abortions.
  2. Coerce private insurance plans to pay for abortions.
  3. Force communities to set up abortion facilities everywhere in the name of “ACCESS.”

She says that the “breach in the new Health Care Reform Bill the Democrats are pushing through Congress goes beyond the radical Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).”

Be sure to contact your Representative and Senator.  Tell them to (ideally) kill the entire bill, but at the very least make sure abortion mandates are excluded from the bill. 

If you live in Iowa:

Senator Chuck Grassley: (202) 224-3744 or Email Senator Charles Grassley
Senator Tom Harkin: (202) 224-3254 or Email Senator Tom Harkin
Rep. Bruce Braley: (202) 225-2911 or Email Rep. Bruce Braley
Rep. David Loebsack: (202) 225-6576 or Email Rep. David Loebsack
Rep. Leonard Boswell: (202) 225-3806 or Email Rep. Leonard Boswell
Rep. Tom Latham: (202) 225-5476 or Email Rep. Tom Latham
Rep. Steve King: (202) 225-4426 or Email Rep. Steve King

  1. Sure it is health care! Sort of– think of it as prevention.

    Babies are expensive; babies that aren't born are very affordable.

    See also: old people are expensive.
    Very sick people are expensive.
    People in a coma are expensive.

  2. Death is very much the center of this bill…Abortion will be one thing and Euthanasia will also arrive, even in the form of rationing…the fact they want to vote on this nightmare before the August Break is horrible.

  3. Shoot, Obama already breeched the subject, too. (Ironic, because he referred to his late grandmother to do so– and she did get the replacement surgery he suggested shouldn't be done.)

    How many folks will fall into despair when doctors refuse to replace their painful knee, or do thumb-movement surgery, because they won't get “much” out of it? Both of those, my mom got– she got beat up pretty bad because she was a high school all star– and the amazing improvement for being able to use her hands almost like new, and her knee not hurting nearly as much as it use to, is amazing. That's for a woman in her 50s.
    My granny in her late 60s-early 70s got cataract surgery; it made it so she was able to live at home, read her Bible and large-print books, watch TV.

    I imagine that Professor Hawkins' medical bills are pretty big, too.

    And research is expensive– worth noting that the US is the one footing the bill for the world's medical advancements.

    Me, I'm a far cry from someone who thinks that anything that can possibly be done to keep someone's heart going, should be done. My grandfather passed with leukemia; once he made sure he'd be likely to survive until my little brother was born (diagnosis was the same day) he refused anything but pain-care. His choice.
    My husband's grandfather recently passed with a blood disorder that could have been treated by regular blood infusions, and he could have lived for several more years– he was type O. He refused any more than it took to make sure his sisters got to say good-bye. His choice.
    Both of these are examples of bravery, in my eyes– the notion of someone else choosing this “for” someone else is horrifying. They didn't lose their will to live, or commit suicide, they just chose not to use as much health care as they could, possibly, have asked for.

    The notion of setting people up to live in horrible pain, to be isolated, and offer to pay for their physician induced suicide– oh, sorry, “death with dignity”– turns my stomach.

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