When it comes to healthcare reform.  Canada’s system has been lauded as a model by Michael Moore, President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and a whole host of Democrats.  It must be great.  Right?

Well, M. Hovda recommended a Stephen Crowder video yesterday called “Why CanadaCare Sucks… Will ObamaCare Be Any Better?,” great video, go watch it.  Informative and entertaining. Update, now have it embedded below:

HT: Steven Crowder at Big Hollywood

Crowder was interviewed by Neil Cavuto yesterday.

HT: Big Hollywood

And this is the model for the Democrat healthcare plan. Brilliant.  Just as brilliant as thinking that “we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt,” according to Vice President Joe Biden.  How cares that the CBO is saying that if we pass this healthcare bill we’ll go bankrupt.

  1. Check out a Bill Moyers interview with Wendell Potter, former VP of Cigna:


    Toward trhe end of the program, Wendell describes the talking points and strategies devised by the health plan insurers to block government coverage.

    Note that no plan on the table involves a nationalized system like Canada or the UK. We’re moving toward a private/public system (France, Netherlands, Australia).

    I also don’t entirely understand the fear of systems in other Western nations. The US ranks behind Canada and the UK for medical outcomes and overall coverage. So, if those two countries totally suck, what does that say about the US?

    1. I need to add that the URL I gave also links to strategy memos produced by the group, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Illuminating.

    2. Why is it that Canadians and British often come here to get their health care when they need a serious procedure and have the money to do so?

      I agree with you that change is needed and in my post today I think Mike Huckabee shares some good ideas – http://caffeinatedthoughts.com/?p=3307.

      We need to tackle the reasons why health care is so high. The industry is part of the problem. The government is part of the problem. We as a society are part of the problem as well.

      1. Why do they come here? They can sometimes get procedures scheduled faster here. Why have so many US residents tried to get their drug prescriptions filled in Canada? Honestly, if I were un- or underinsured I rather have the UK or Canadian plans. Likewise if I didn’t have an employer-provided plan in a large organization.

        Why do people keep bringing up the UK and Canadian as examples when discussing US health care reform? This health care debate is chock full of canards (as Wendell Potter noted during his interview with Bill Moyers). Has a nationalized system been proposed? No, we’re largely going with a private system and a public ‘floor’.

      2. Fine look at how well Massachusetts is going.

        What people who are against this health care plan are saying is that it will lead to nationalized health care.

        Having a wife that is currently uninsured she and I would rather go with Huckabee’s ideas.

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