1.  LifeNews.com: National Education Association Defeats Measure to Take Neutral Abortion Stance by Steven Ertelt

During its national convention over the weekend, the National Education Association defeated a measure that would have had it take a neutral stance on abortion. The NEA has long supported abortion, pro-abortion candidates, and sponsored a forum with the former late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller.

On Sunday, NEA delegates defeated a proposal that pro-life teachers and educators hoped would make the group abortion neutral.

The bylaws amendment would have invalidated NEA Resolution I-16 which says the NEA "supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom," which is a code word for abortion. (read the rest)

HT: La Shawn Barber

2.  Idolatry in the AM


Cartoon by David Hayward.  Crackledawg, that hits too close to home, LOL.

3.  The A-Team Blog: Discernment and Fiction by Roger Overton

One of the most frequent responses to criticism of books like The Shack, Twilight or Harry Potter is that it’s just a story. It’s implied that fiction cannot be dangerous in any way because it’s all made up. I believe this is entirely misguided for two reasons: 1) We are affected by everything we take in, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. 2) Simply because something is fiction it is not some how neutral, morally or otherwise. (read the rest)

4.  Internet Monk: What is An “Average Church?” by Michael Bell

You may have heard people say that the “average” sized church in the U.S. or Canada is about 75 people. You also may have heard someone say that the “average” sized church in North America is about 185 people. Who is right? It all depends how you define “average”.

Statisticians use three terms when describing populations. “Mean”, “Median”, and a third term that won’t really enter our discussion today called “Mode”. (read the rest)

5.  Break Point: Surf’s Up!  Climate Change and Hubris by Chuck Colson

Someone ought to remind the leaders of the industrialized nations that while they may think they rule the world, they don’t.

As the story goes, the courtiers of the 11th-century Anglo-Scandinavian king, Canute, told him that he was “so great, he could command the tides of the sea to go back.” (read the rest)

  1. Heh, #2 is how I knew that my mom REALLY cared for us when we were little.

    She went to about 6 oz of coffee a day for all three of her pregnancies. *shudder*

    Me, I've gone to decaf– and my delightful husband even drinks a cup with me, most mornings! 0.o

  2. I go back and forth on the caffeine deal. I try to cut back, but it calls out my name and shows me love (just kidding). What I try to do is at least not drink it at night and will on occasion get the decaf to have at night.

  3. To quote from another blog I read:
    “I quit caffeine entirely a few years ago. Not having coffee didn’t make my life better, so I started up again.”

    Sounds right to me….

    Personally, I drink a LOT of coffee, most times, but go cold turkey about once a month to make sure that if I can't get coffee, it's not a crisis. (And if I do it on a Sat morning, Elf sleeps through the headache!)

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