1. The American Spectator: Hillary’s Saari Tour of India by Ken Blackwell

Last week’s controversy had Hillary in a burqa — with liberal blogress Tina Brown claiming that President Obama was treating his Secretary of State like a "Saudi wife." But this week, Mrs. Clinton is in India. She is the latest of administration officials to go abroad looking for things to apologize about. You might call this her "Saari Tour" of India. The administration is in danger of becoming, quite literally, the sorriest one in our history. (read the rest)

2.  National Review: From Gulag Liberators to Saudi Retainers by Gerald M. Steinberg

Human Rights Watch was founded in 1978 in New York (as Helsinki Watch) with the mission of using public demonstrations and other forms of “naming and shaming” to free prisoners of conscience in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Many Gulag denizens, including Anatoly (now Natan) Sharansky, later recognized HRW’s role in gaining their freedom. Shortly thereafter HRW began advocating on behalf of political prisoners and torture victims in other totalitarian regimes, including in Chile, Argentina, and Greece. (read the rest)

3.  Townhall.com: Medical Care Confusion by Thomas Sowell

Is there a coherent argument for government-controlled medical care or are slogans and hysteria considered sufficient?

We hear endlessly about how many Americans don’t have health insurance. But, if we stop and think– which politicians hope we never do– that raises the question as to why that calls for government-controlled medical care. (read the rest)

4.  Real Clear Politics: Americans Are Beginning to Understand the Left by Dennis Prager

There is only one good thing about the Obama administration’s attempts to nationalize most health care and to begin to control Americans’ energy consumption through cap-and-trade: clarity about the left. These attempts are enabling more and more Americans to understand the thinking and therefore the danger of the left.

The left has its first president — with the possible exception of Franklin Delano Roosevelt — and for the first time controls the Democratic Party and both houses of Congress. In the name of compassion for the sick and the poor and in the name of preventing worldwide environmental catastrophe, it is attempting to remake America. (read the rest)

5.  Secondhand Smoke: Of Uganda, AIDS, Abstinence, and Circumcision by Wesley J. Smith

I don’t think the Western media cover the catastrophe of African Aids nearly enough. And I think the lessons learned there are also ignored. First, when Uganda actively promoted ABC–abstinence, be faithful, but if if not those, use condoms–HIV infection rates plumetted. That makes sense. Condoms are not “safer sex,” as our AIDS activists and press so often put it to, but “less safe sex,” since infections still occur when condoms are used.  Abstinence or sex with a mutually monogamous uninfected partner are the only sure ways to prevent sexually transmitted AIDS.  When Uganda’s president and public health sector actively pushed abstinence and monogamy, it worked. And, with far fewer people engaging in dangerous behavior, the condom aspect helped as well. (read the rest)

  1. “In the name of compassion for the sick and the poor and in the name of preventing worldwide environmental catastrophe, it is attempting to remake America.”

    I couldn’t think of better reasons to remake America! And by Prager’s on rationale in this article, the only reason to resist this is preventing America from “becoming European.” What exactly is so bad about that anyway? Have you seen how the euro is doing against the dollar lately? Not to mention that Europeans on average get something like four times the paid vacation time of Americans.

    On the one hand you have a party motivated by compassion for the sick and poor, on the other a party that is motivated by a desire to keep government out of their wallets. Which of those parties is more Christian?
    .-= Strabo´s last blog ..The Myrmillo =-.

    1. What Prager is getting at is that taxes are high and productivity is low in most European countries. Many of them have developed a socialist style economy and it is killing them economically. There isn’t much incentive to improve and advance. Regarding vacation, fine, but how much is too much? I get four weeks and that is just fine. France has a mandated 35-hour work week and it is killing business there.

      Regarding the Euro – that hasn’t always been the case, and only because we are in a recession. How did Europeans comparatively do with our dollar when they had their own individual currency? Not so well – the UK pound was really the only currency even close.

      Which party is more Christian? Neither.

      Being compassionate with other people’s money is theft. On the other hand keeping the government out of your wallet is no good if you yourself are not benevolent.

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