1.  Big Hollywood – Walter Cronkite: Trailblazer of Bias by Dan Gifford

“Krankheit” in German is pronounced the same as the “Cronkite” following “Walter.” The German word means “sickness” while the “Walter” word means the man who infected TV news with the gazillion dollar-salary Star Anchor larger than the news he is supposed to be presenting. I don’t say that to be mean-spirited or disrespectful of a man who was “the most trusted man in America,” but nobody else appears to be pointing out that Cronkite was actually a liberal ideologue; an advocate of a politically correct, totalitarian world government who used his trust to influence public policy in accordance with his own beliefs. (read the rest)

2.  American Thinker: Palin’s Commencement Address by Pamela Geller

Sarah Palin’s Farewell Address as Governor of Alaska Sunday was no farewell address at all. It was just the beginning; it was a commencement address. "I will fight even harder for you, for what is right and for the truth," she promised. "And I have never felt I needed a title to do that!" (read the rest)

3.  The Spyglass: Barack Obama is no Napoleon Bonaparte by Rob Harrison

For all the real problems with our country’s health care system, the current fight in Congress is more about Barack Obama’s agenda than it is about what this country needs; you can see that in the way he’s tried to argue that bringing in massive new regulation of our health care system is necessary to fix the economy (a line which, to judge by current polling, most voters aren’t buying). That’s why Sen. Jim DeMint declared that if the president can’t get this bill passed, “it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.” (read the rest)

4.  O’Reilly Factor – Obama’s Leadership with Mark Katherine Ham & Juan Williams

HT: Freedom’s Lighthouse

5.  American Spectator: Pro-Lifers for Planned Parenthood by W. James Antle, III

Last week the House defeated the Pence Amendment, which would have stopped taxpayers from funding the country’s leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. At the same time, some soi disant pro-lifers are working to increase Planned Parenthood’s tax take. Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) quickly emerged as a leading pro-life Democrat and advocate for finding "common ground" on abortion. (read the rest)

6.  The Foundry: How a Bill Becomes Law: Chicago Style

You might think that passing a bill through Congress is a really difficult and honorable task that involves late night debates, hours spent analyzing proposals and reading legislation, policy wonks splitting hairs over detailed issues, and a healthy dose of respectful opposition and transparency. Oh boy, would you be wrong. In this Congress, it’s rahm rahm rahm, Chicago-style. (read the rest)

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