1.  Human Events: The Engagement Riff by Herbert London

When spokesmen for the Obama administration are asked to comment on various aspects of foreign policy, they invariably resort to an incantation which begins and ends with reference to engagement. “We are engaged in discussions…” are the first five words employed in every area of foreign policy from Iran to North Korea. (read the rest)

2.  Wall St. Journal: When Newspapers Peddle Influence by Thomas Frank

Some time last week the Washington Post issued a flier advertising a "salon" on the health-care issue. Over dinner at the home of the paper’s publisher, Katharine Weymouth, participants were promised "a collegial evening, with Obama administration officials, Congress members, business leaders, advocacy leaders and other select minds." (read the rest)

3. The Christian Post: The Roots of Social Justice by Chuck Colson

We’re hearing a lot these days about human rights and social justice-particularly among younger evangelicals, but also among secularists. It’s a good thing that there is a growing concern for the poor and the oppressed around the world.

But when the younger generation approaches people like me and tells us that we need to be working for “social justice,” what I tell them is that we’re already doing it. In fact, I believe it’s the single greatest apologetic of the Christian Church. (read the rest)

4.  The New York Post: Cleaning Up After Joe

President Obama, in between negotia tions and public ceremonies with Russian leaders Dmitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, had to take time out to extract Joe Biden’s foot from his mouth.

The president had to disabuse the world of the notion that Biden had given Israel a green light to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. (read the rest)

5.  Real Clear Politics: Obama’s Strategic Mistake by Jay Cost

Presidential mandates are inherently political, as Sean Trende and I argued in January: "Though they are cloaked in the language of democratic theory, they are more a matter of what adroit politicians can claim for themselves in the face of the opposition…" (read the rest)


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