First of all I think that Wasilla was robbed.  They got hotdogs at their annual Governor’s picnic.  Anchorage received mooseburgers.  Based on a Discovery Channel show my wife and I watched it seems like they have quite a few in city limits that they need to turn into burgers.

A blogger friend near Fairbanks told me once that Anchorage really isn’t Alaska, but rather it is considered “North Seattle.”  So maybe Wasilla folks don’t need the Moose since their freezers are full of it anyway.  Anchorage folks needed the taste of Alaska.  If anybody has had one before let me know what they taste like.  Can’t get those here in Iowa.

Anyway, the Anchorage Daily News reports thousands at this picnic (has been updated, so the text below is no longer on the site) as well:

Sarah Palin’s final governor’s picnic in Anchorage drew seveal thousand people to the Park Strip this afternoon — fans of Palin, foes and those who simply prefer free food.

Palin gave a speech of just a couple of minutes before serving food, including mooseburgers. People had to get in the food line to get face-to-face with (sic) teh governor, and throughout much of the three-hour picnic that line was hundreds of people long.

Here’s a brief video of her opening remarks (very brief) along with Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

HT: Conservatives 4 Palin – they also an additional video, and highlighted some of her tweets (by the way, she’s kicking off a new Twitter account tomorrow) of their road trip up to Fairbanks for the picnic up there.

Also see Palin’s Liberation Weekend Part I

I’ll update if I see anymore on today’s picnic – like some pictures.  Couldn’t find any.

Update: Also KTUU, the Anchorage NBC affiliate will be streaming her farewell address and Parnell’s swearing-in ceremony live tomorrow at 5:45p (CST)/2:45 (AST).

Update II: Important news flash – the Anchorage Daily News got it wrong.  I’m shocked.  Melody (the blogger mentioned above) was there, and corrected the ADN on my Facebook link to this post::

they weren’t moose burgers! LOL, I was there: they had salmon patties, beef burgers, and hotdogs! 🙂 Got a pic. with my sis’s traveling Gnome and Todd Palin. LOL

I still think Wasilla got robbed 🙂

Update III: Full ADN story (corrected the mooseburger mistake), KTUU story and Josh Painter has a couple of videos up, and was kind enough to mention Caffeinated Thoughts.

Pictures… we finally have pictures.

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  1. LOL, well, moose burgers are GREAT, Shane….if you ever vist AK, I promise to make some for you and your family.
    The picnic was pretty fun, but mostly full of tourists. It was so funny to hear them in their shocked voices, talking about how Gov. Palin was “right over there, SERVING the food!” …and to hear the snapping of pictures and see them running over in flocks to see her.
    I decided to for go seeing her up close again…but, I did get a picture of Todd Palin with my sister’s garden gnome….and a picture of “darwin,” the Gnome with Willow, Bristol, and her baby! 🙂
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..Not Even a Sordough Yet! =-.

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