Paul Short at The Inquisitr ran a “story” that Governor Sarah Palin does indeed have intentions of running for President.  Several pro-Palin blogs have echoed this “story.”  I saw this yesterday and choose to ignore it until I saw it was getting spread around.

The Inquisitr’s proof?  Registered domain names.

A source did some basic investigating and discovered that the internet domain names, and have both been registered by a man named Jay Griffin from (sic) anchorage, Alaska. Now it’s not unusual for someone to register domain names on speculation, but what makes this whole thing interesting is that Griffin is also on the Alaska Republican Party Central Committee with Sarah Palin.

And I say… so what?  First off it is common practice, and should be a lesson learned in what Governor Mike Huckabee experienced.  He was well into his presidential run before he could finally obtain the domain –  It is far easier and cheaper to get the domain names preemptively than it is to buy them from somebody who owns them.  Also, this could be done to prevent misinformation sites from using those domains, which to me seems far more likely.

Now this guy named Jay Griffin who is “on the Alaska Republican Central Committee” with Governor Palin.  I’m a member of the Polk County Republican Central Committee in Iowa.  Elected officials attend from time to time, but they are not actively serving on them (to my knowledge).  I don’t want to give the impression I know more about Alaska politics than what I do, but this, to me, doesn’t seem to mean much.  While Governor Palin is listed as a member, it is likely an honorary membership.  Who knows how often she actually attends the meetings.

Also, how well she actually know him?  I don’t know, and I highly doubt Paul Short knows either.  Also Central Committee members can act quite independently, so who knows who he is actually representing.

So this is a major leap, and I would encourage supporters and detractors not to put much stock in news like this.  If she authorizes and forms an exploratory committee then we’ll know she is looking at it. 

I could be wrong, but I’m also leery about getting my news from a place that doesn’t know that a town name is a proper noun and should be capitalized.  So for right now this is a reach and much to do about nothing.

Update: “Political Wisdom” (sounds like an oxymoron to me), further speculation on what may be next for Governor Palin.  The point is nobody knows which makes the story I reference above even more asinine.

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