Not making this up, but California’s “marijuana industry” wants to help out the state of California in their budget pinch.  The Marijuana Policy Project of California wants the state to tax and regulate marijuana in California, and have a new ad out.

Well, have to say this is a new angle to an old argument.

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  1. While they're at it, why not legalize and tax prostitution? (/sarc) It could be argued that prostitution is “safer than alcohol”, could it not?

    While this makes me want to roll my eyes and move on to some other story, this is serious business. I know the difference between a pot-head and a sober person and I do not want my kids to grow up being pot-heads.

    As a mentally ill person who works hard daily to seek clarity of mind, I am dumbfounded by the idea that there are people who seek drunkenness in any form. Imagine a paraplegic reading a story about people who think their lives would be enhanced by getting their healthy legs amputated. That is where I am personally coming from when I read this as a mentally ill person.

    There are mentally ill people who use drugs to have a more consistent mental or emotional process. When this is done for healing purposes, to enhance brain function, it is acceptable. To actively seek corruption of the brain as opposed to healing of the brain is contrary to the purpose of medicine.

    Despite the affront to God which Christians reject, even non-Christians should never accept a law that provides for anyone to seek a corruption of his own body. Good health through healing of the body should be the focus of medicine, not corruption of any kind.

  2. P.S. I would oppose prohibition of alcohol because history proves it's so easy to make that it's impossible to eradicate it. I mean, you'd have to ban fruit because fruit naturally ferments and turns into wine. It wasn't until Mr. Welch first pasteurized and preserved grape juice that we were able to have bottled grape juice. Prohibition of alcohol is not at all feasible. We're doing fairly well with prohibition of marijuana, though.

  3. Yes, but you know how numbers get twisted……..and they always argue that sex is PERFECTLY SAFE as long as we have mass condom use…… arguing that prostitution is safe would be an easy transition for them.

  4. I often find it odd that prohibitionists will change the topic to things like prostitution. I wonder how their minds work that they group these things together as if they are the same issue.

    Reading Lisa’s post it appears to me that her view of marijuana, and those who use it, is warped. This is not unusual. Our society has spent billions on a propaganda war specifically designed to fill people Like Lisa with unwarranted hate and fear. Propaganda works.

    She states
    “I know the difference between a pot-head and a sober person and I do not want my kids to grow up being pot-heads.”

    Judging books by the cover, eh?

    Long hair people are all criminals, I can just look at them and tell.

    People who wear pants that show underwear are all murderers. I can tell just by looking at them.

    Your comment is absurd, Lisa. Your living with stigma and prejudice and you’re a sinner for blindly judging/hating people you know nothing about.

    First of all, your kids are individuals and they will make their own decisions in life. It doesn’t matter what you want. Under our system of prohibition your kids are 50/50 to use marijuana. Regulation would lower that usage rate but the police and prison lobbies fight hard to jail our kids for money instead. There is big money in caging humans.

    Pot heads – you can just tell by looking at them

    Jesus Christ
    Carl Sagan
    William Shakespeare
    Bing Crosby
    John Denver
    Johnny Cash
    Pablo Picasso
    Queen Victoria
    George W Bush
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Madison
    James Monroe
    Andrew Jackson
    John F Kennedy

    And the list goes on and on for days and days. All had proud parents.

    The last thing that worries me about Lisa is her view that marijuana use is somehow a sin or against God. Any preacher who supports this is not teaching the word of god but is using religion to promote their own ideals. The fact is that during the time when Jesus was preaching his philosophies marijuana use was commonplace. The only religious teaching that might relate to marijuana is the sin of gluttony. Teaching moderation in life with regards to things like this is a good lesson.

    Marijuana will be re-legalized because caging humans for money, over dried flowers, is immoral. Anyone who supports the caging of a human over dried flowers is an immoral person.

  5. Yet, giving praise to Lisa for absurdly compairing marijuana to prostotution. instead you should be teaching her the life lesson most 10 year olds would know.

    Don’t judge books by their covers?

    How about something closer to home with fancy language?
    Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged! And Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone.

    I think both You and Lisa project an internal image of a marijuana user that is fictional. Manufactured for you by a propaganda machine of lies. You both need to self examine.

    If you support prohibition you support the caging of human children for money. Over a flower.

    It is immoral.

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