SOY Star Logo - MEDIUM Hey good to be back from my blogging hiatus.  I hope you feel the same :).  I wanted to start back in on a personal note.  Many of you know I work full-time for a ministry called Serve Our Youth Network.  I have been privileged to serve with them for a little over seven years now.  SOY is an organization that ministers to high-risk children and youth throughout Central Iowa through mentoring and working in juvenile facilities.  We are currently the only faith-based organization that is serving in juvenile facilities and mentoring children of prisoners in Central Iowa, if not the entire state.

I’m sharing this with you today because we are at a threshold.  I came from a staff meeting earlier where our financial status was shared and like every non-profit organization we are struggling due to the recession.  Every month our outgo has exceeded our income over the last year.  The gap has been decreased due to budget cuts that were made, but it didn’t totally decrease it.  Basically, if we do not see any increase in funding our long-term existence is very much in doubt.

Anyway, I’d be remiss not to share this with the readers of CT.  I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider joining me in partnering with SOY financially.  Any size gift would be appreciated, and I understand that for many of you (me included) things are tight.  Monthly support of $5, $10 or $15 would help.  A one-time donation of any amount would help.  As with anything many hands make heavy work light.  So if you feel led to give (we don’t want you to do it out of guilt, compulsion or at the expense of your local church) you can do it online here.  If you’d rather send a check made out to Serve Our Youth Network you can send it to: Serve Our Youth Network, 309 Roosevelt, Pella, IA 50219.

We are trusting God to provide, and he typically does that through His people.  We also know that He may be doing a new thing at this time as well.  So we trust in His plan and provision.

Thanks for letting take the time to share this with you.  I know if is off topic from what is normally written here.

An obligatory disclaimer incase you don’t realize this.  Serve Our Youth Network is not an endorser or supporter of Caffeinated Thoughts (I endorse SOY).  My comments and opinions are my own, and not necessarily shared by the rest of SOY’s staff and board.

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