Yes, I’m a geek.  I know.  But in my desire to better serve you, Caffeinated Thoughts Readers, I bring you the Caffeinated Thoughts toolbar that can be used with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.  So what’s the benefit?  What does it do?


It brings the best of Caffeinated Thoughts to you as you get fresh content sent straight to your browser.  Also, it has different RSS feed bundles of Christian, Conservative and even liberal and moderate blogs.  It also has news feeds so you can keep up with all of the latest news, and it offers different links of interest.

Also included is a radio player which I share some of my favorite podcasts and radio stations.  This  toolbarwill also enable us to send alerts to your desktop.  This has the potential of being an incredible tool for bloggers and blog readers alike.

So try it out, you can download it below.


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