Catholic Digest interviewed Jim Caviezel star of most recently The Stoning of Soraya M and also The Passion of the Christ.  He had this to say regarding abortion:

This guy I know said, ‘You’re pro-life. Tell you what, if you really believe in what you speak, adopt a child — not any child, he’s got to have a serious deficiency,’ (and I will become pro-life). He never changed his (position), but it convicted me. I don’t think he thought I would step up to the plate.

I was listening to Johnny Mathis the other day and I said, “What an amazing voice.” I have yet to hear another person sound like Johnny Mathis. How are we so arrogant to think the 51.5 million babies who have died in this country… Look, I am for helping women. I just don’t see abortion as helping women. And I don’t love my career that much to say, “I’m going to remain silent on this.” I’m defending every single baby who has never been born. And every voice that would have been unique like Johnny Mathis’. How do we know that we didn’t kill the very child who could have created a particular type of medicine that saves other lives?

HT: Big Hollywood

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  1. Kudos to Jim Caviezel for speaking his thoughts on the Abortion issue!! Another A-List Actor(I can’t remember his name) who has come out strongly against abortion is the Male lead in the great film “Bella” . If you have not seen this film go see it!! The actor came out during the election last fall in an ad campain towards Hispanics to vote for canidates that affirmed life. The video was graphic but effective.

  2. Challenging Pro-Lifers as to “then why don’t you adopt ‘one'” is an empty, cruel, smug, pointless exercise, as many who posit this challenge would not meet it themselves.

    I know this firsthand as a mother of a special needs child, now grown – I had plenty enough trouble from those with so-called enlightened, Liberal attitudes as any one else, thank you very much. (I also received great help from some, as well.)

    However. This is the challenge I WOULD pose to Pro-Lifers, at least those that desire all children be born regardless of situation: Please find it in your heart to also support increased public and private funding for children and adults with special needs – yes, that includes food stamps and welfare and health care coverage.

    Health care coverage that cannot discriminate on the basis of ‘pre-existing conditions.’

    Many who are anti-abortion may not be aware of how devastating the birth of a disabled or chronically medically challenged child can be on the financial, emotional and spiritual life of a family. This can be a decades long commitment, and often removes one parent from the workforce to be a caregiver.

    In my case, I was a single parent. Were it not for public and private programs I would not have been able to eat, keep us warm or pay for gas to get my child to the hospital and various therapies.

    But back to Jim’s statement (and, on a brighter note!) – yes, many of these children go one to be quite special adults, contributing very positively to society. When my baby was just three months old I had an epiphany one day, looking into his eyes as he was struggling with his own life. I knew he would make it, I just knew (against all odds) and my thought was ‘You will grow up to save other lives some day.’

    I didn’t know what form that would take – I was thinking ‘doctor’ or ‘minister’ and the like. But I was certain of my conviction.

    He is now a firefighter/paramedic in Central California. Hasn’t saved any lives yet. . .but give him time!!!!

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