I’m probably the last person to post on this today.  This really, really fires me up.  Who the heck does she think she is?  Labeling all protestors in one swoop calling them a bunch of neo-nazis.  Does she really think this is a winning strategy?  Is she stupid?

Here’s the video:

I know, my anger is manufactured.  Be sure to send this "fishy" video to the White House, they need to know about it.

  1. In order:

    1) She thinks that she is personally God’s gift to the US.

    2) Yes, because Godwin’s law has been abandoned, and now arguments start at comparisons to Hitler, rather than ending there. (I smell a post coming on …)

    3) Yes.
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  2. Please people. Have some sense and let’s try to focus on honest debate and discussion. I don’t like Pelosi but her commenting that protesters were carrying swastikas is not implying they are neo nazis. It’s merely an observation {correct or not} about what they were carrying.

    1. btw, factcheck has pointed out that she’s correct. I still don’t like her but in this specific incident, she’s right. People were carrying swastikas. She was not implying the people carrying those signs were neo nazis. she was implying they might be astroturf, manufactured dissent.

    2. @Dan Brayall, Dan, I don’t buy it. Why did she bring it up? What is the intent for that. They were carrying all sorts of signs… but to zero in on that, no she did that for a reason.

      She neglected to mention the little fact in the one, one instance this occurred they had a circle around them with a strike-through… so an “anti-fascism” sign.

      So these protests are manufactured, but the left anti-war ones weren’t? I don’t think Speaker Pelosi is in a position to judge this.

      Even so. It was a stupid remark to make, can you at least agree to that?

  3. I think the question was about whether the protests are astoturf rather than grass roots. She was implying that the presence of swastikas was an extreme at a debate about health care and that was an indicator of manufactured outrage. I don’t agree with her but it’s still wrong to claim she called the protesters neo nazi’s. No interpretation of the english language gets us from her words to that.
    We can’t stop the BS by responding with more BS. That’s all.

    btw, there has been more than one swastika incident. It’s reasonable to assume the people carrying Bush Hitler references in protesting the war were saying no to fascism as well, but nobody pointing out the signs they were carrying was calling them nazi’s. There are serious issues to deal with and those type of extremes don’t help the debate.

  4. And to answer your question Shane, yes, I think it was politically stupid to focus on a few that may be phony protesters and not focus on the many real citizens who have legitimate questions and concerns. It would be accurate to say shouting down opposing opinions is a bad and hopefully unwelcome method of problem solving and discussion.

    1. @Dan Brayall, I agree yelling for yelling sake doesn’t accomplish anything. That hasn’t been the bulk of the dissent at these meetings (in the videos I have seen), but rather pointed questions and disagreement with answers given.

      1. @Shane Vander Hart,

        I hope that’s true. I’m guessing another problem has been congress folks ill prepared to really answer questions. I think people are less likely to be easily placated with political non answers. I’m glad for that.

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