toddsarahirondogfinish09 Just wanted to follow-up on yesterday’s post.  This is hard to believe, but the guy responsible for yesterday’s non-news is a kindergarten teacher.  Nice to have such a great influence for the kids.

Anchorage resident and part-time Kindergarten teacher, Jesse Griffin, called “Gryphen” at his blog Immoral Majority is the “source” Dennis Zaki cited in his “news” article stating that that Sarah and Todd Palin were going to divorce.

Palin’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, sent a letter to Griffin warning him to retract his story and apologize or expect legal action.

Robert Stacey McCain has info here and here.  Also check out Dan Riehl’s post for more info as well.

HT: Josh Painter

To those of us who blog there’s a lesson here whether we are conservative, liberal or someplace in between… we can’t just write whatever we want and make up stuff and not expect to reap consequences.  It is easy to hide behind anonymity and throw rocks.

Update 8/4/09: McCain and Riehl seem to be just warming up.  I don’t think trying to turn him into a martyr is going to help.

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