I need a lighter post after the last one.  In church today the pastor at Union Park Baptist Church, Frank Cook, shared warnings that were part of the directions he received with a gas-powered weed trimmer.

Like… “don’t use to mix paint.”   Won’t do that now that I’ve been properly warned.  Other warnings we shouldn’t need:

  • On coffee – “Caution: Coffee may be very hot” – I hope so.
  • On frozen pizza: “Warning: Do not eat frozen.”  Ok, don’t know who would want to do that.
  • On lawn mowers: “Do not use to trim bushes.”  Check.

I know there are stories behind each of those warning, but I mean really shouldn’t we expect a little common sense from people?  In the age of frivolous litigation I guess not.   I’m curious what are some warnings you’ve read on products you’ve purchased that you found strange or funny?

  1. A warning found on some firewood “Caution: risk of fire.” The comment from the book was “Apparently the fireproof fire logs weren’t selling so well.” Another one on a hair dryer: “Caution: do not use while in the shower.” “Caution: do not use while asleep.” The book’s comment was “And whatever you do, don’t use it in the shower while you’re asleep!”
    .-= Lane Keister´s last blog ..New Replacement NICNT volume =-.

  2. Shane, I work in casualty claims. Lemme tell you, we need these warnings. And a whole lot more. You wouldn’t believe some of the stupid things people do, and then find a way to blame a neighbor, manufacturer, retail store . . . you name it, we’ve seen it.

    Heard a story once of a European chain saw manufacturer. In the user’s manual for the units sold in the US, there was a warning not to use your hand to stop the saw. Go figure. The European manual did not have such a warning. According to the company, the Europeans were first of all not stupid enough to do such a thing. But on the off chance one of them was, they would never embarrass themselves by admitting it to make a claim.

    The world is a crazy place.

  3. I have some plastic storage containers with the warning “Contents may be hot.”

    Given that they don’t come with heated contents, I find this particularly absurd. If it’s hot, then I made it so!
    .-= Wickle´s last blog ..Quickly on the “birthers” =-.

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