I’m for ministry over the internet.  I think we in the Body of Christ should use all tools at our disposal in order to share the Gospel of Christ, provided we don’t compromise the Gospel in using those tools.

This video rubbed me the wrong way.  Flamingo Road Church’s Internet Campus holds it’s first online baptism.

What do you think?

HT: Todd Pruitt

  1. I am all for new forms of ministry, but this one goes to far. There is no alternative but to have physical presence as often as possible. I believe in this case it is very necessary. It does not have to be a pastor doing the dunking. I fully believe in the priesthood of all believers, but I rather would like to see this church dispactch believers to these homes and do it, or at least get the matched with a local body who will baptize them.

    The last part about going to a local body to be baptized though is a tough one because we have made baptism (more often the not) an outward sign that we believe the creeds of that specific church, do and think as they do. No longer is it a baptism into a life with Christ, it is a baptism into a denominational way of belief.

    Good thought provoking here, but we need to have the physical body present for times such as this.
    .-= Carl Holmes´s last blog ..I Intend to aim lower and give up! =-.

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