Today’s miscellany: some humor, a cool video, church stuff, the Obama student address, Levi Johnston credibility, Iowa Republicans, a heart-wrenching story and Sarah Palin’s VP nomination speech… one year later.  Enjoy!

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Twenty Items of Interest (v.33)

1.  You will never find these cartoons in the New York Times:…

World Vision’s Misguided Attempt at Unity Is Compromise

World Vision this week announced it will allow in its U.S. branch employees who are in a same-sex marriage as a symbol of Christian “unity,” not compromise.

Latte Links (10/20)

At home with the flu/cold/H1N1 (ok likely not that, I’m being dramatic),…

CNN Threatens to Identify Anonymous Reddit User, The Internet Responds

CNN’s threat to release the identity of an anonymous Reddit user over an anti-CNN GIF he created that went viral due to President Trump has backfired.