It’s been eight years.  Remember the 2,996 lives taken at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA.  Let’s not forget the bravery shown by first responders, by those who risked their lives to help coworkers, the dedication of those who worked tirelessly in rescue and recovery efforts, and those who served and continue to serve in bringing justice to those responsible.  Don’t forget the families who lost so much on that day and continue to pray for them.  Never forget.

Our enemies have made the mistake that America’s enemies always make. They saw liberty and thought they saw weakness. And now, they see defeat.

– George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States

What do you remember about that day?

Update: I just realized I didn’t write about my recollection of the day.  I remember teaching at South Haven Christian School near Valparaiso, IN, and having somebody from the office come in and tell us about the first plane.  Which at the time we thought it was an accident.  Then the other planes hit and we knew it wasn’t an accident.  We called a special chapel session that day to pray for a fourth plane that was still in the air and was likely high jacked.  I felt sick watching people jump from the WTC.  I felt sorrow for those families that wouldn’t have their loved ones returning that day.  The day was pretty much a blur.

Also Sarah Palin reminded me of something else we should be doing today, and I could kick myself for not saying it in the original post – take time to thank a veteran today.  So to any vet who reads this post I would like to say thank you.  I appreciate you, your service and your sacrifice.  I thank you for your commitment to protecting our freedom.

I’d also like to thank any firefighters, police officers, and EMS who faithfully serve our communities as well.  People may look to celebrities and other national figures, but you are our true heroes.  Thank you.

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  1. I remember someone coming into my office saying a plane and crashed into a building in New York. I remember thinking it was a student pilot – no one said initially it was a jet. I remember the shock and confusion as we kept hearing reports of other planes crashing. I remember getting the phone call that my brother who was in NY on business couldn’t be reached (we got ahold of him later and he was fine, but for an hour an 45 minutes my world stopped). I remember my nephew’s first birthday is the only reason my bro-in-law wasn’t at the WTC working that day. 9/11 will not ever be just another day. While everything ended well for my family that day, I will always remember.

  2. I was at work and everyone in my office went downstairs to watch it all on the big screen. I was pretty numb the whole the morning. At lunch, one of my co-workers that locks himself away and hadn’t heard any news all morning came into the lunchroom and said that he heard that morning that a small plane had hit the WTO earlier that day. We brought him up to speed.
    I hugged my kids so tight that night.

  3. I was in the middle of Navy bootcamp.

    Our master-at-arms came back from dental and grabbed our AROK to try to pass on what she’d seen– utterly failed at the whole “quietly” thing.

    We took a while trying to figure out if they were screwing with us.

    Head RDC tried to keep us from finding anything out so we’d do well on a uniform inspection.

    Youngest RDC, AT2, leveled with us as soon as he was the only one around, and smuggled in a tape of the week-in-review the next Sunday.

    Made me rather proud to be an AT.

    My mom heard it on the radio, and walked out to tell my dad we were under attack. (haying season)
    Some idiot actually had the balls to ask mom if she was still glad I’d gone Navy– mom *didn’t* punch them, but did inform them that I was aware joined the military, not daycare.
    .-= Foxfier´s last blog ..Not Forgotten. =-.

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