Mike Foster posted the following picture:

This picture is in Asia, it is prices for actual girls in American dollars.  There are people who would pay to have sex with underage girls, and unfortunately in the Far East the sex trade is alive and well.

This makes me sick.  This is evil incarnate.

Followers of Christ can’t look upon this type of evil and not do anything.  We need to work to end human trafficking.

  1. 1. How do you know these are underage girls?
    2. This is prostitution, right? They’re not selling the girls, right?

    Don’t misunderstand my questions. It’s all evil. I just want to know what it’s really about, and how you know.

    1. @Daggettdbeaver, I’ll admit that I’m taking Mike Foster’s word on this since he was the one who posted the blog.

      I’m assuming it’s prostitution, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong and they are selling the girls. Human trafficking is a major problem in the far east. I included a link to International Justice Mission that gives more info on the problem.

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