And I don’t think even Starbucks can improve it, so color this coffee purist skeptical.

But you can take the Starbucks VIA taste challenge (Pundette exorts us to behave ourselves when we do though).  It’s already not getting good reviews.

Kansas Bob is disappointed.  Glenn Reynolds thinks this could be some sort of profound cultural shift.  I think it is a well-intentioned idea gone bad.  Spare your taste buds.

  1. Now shane, I do think that it is good, maybe I am biased. Do you not think it is better than other instant coffee’s out there? Just a thought. I know it is not like freshly brewed coffee, but it is a good cup of joe!

  2. I tried a couple of samples, and was underwhelmed. Saying it’s better than other instant coffees is like saying it’s batting .300 in Double-A: it’s still not ready for the majors.

  3. Interesting. My dad liked it, and he’s fairly picky. (I didn’t try it — I can’t drink coffee unless it’s got a ton of sweet stuff in it.)

  4. I cannot drink Starbucks coffee. I can drink almost any coffee, but I hate their coffee. So every time I see one of their commercials I think, Oh great I’ll just rush over to get some instant coffee I can’t drink.

    I fail to see how replicating their bitter brew is worth getting excited about. Sigh.

    Am I alone in the universe?
    .-= Caron´s last blog ..Get your dictionary on and miggle with me! =-.

    1. @Caron, My favorite at Starbucks is their Cafe Americano – like a really, really good brewed coffee.

      That’s kind of how I view Panera’s coffee. I’ll drink it, but not a huge fan. What’s your favorite?

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