Day three on being sick with whatever crud it is I have.  I am feeling better though than I did this morning so hopefully I’m over the hump.  Here is the miscellany for today.  Consider this an open thread, it’s ok… you can comment.  Let me know what’s on your mind.

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  1. The best news about The Barna study is how many young people sick of lies and hungry for truth.

    “Bible Appetite – Despite the generational decline in many Bible metrics, one departure from the typical pattern is the fact that younger adults, especially Mosaics (19%), express a slightly above-average interest in

    ***gaining additional Bible knowledge. ***

    This compares with 12% of (Us whiny wimpy) Boomers and 9% of Elders.
    .-= LarryK12309´s last blog ..Political Schizophrenia =-.

  2. From the Christianity Today link:
    He also advocates that American churches assume co-responsibility for the problem of drug trafficking, since supply is driven by demand. Efforts by American churches to reduce the demand for drugs in their cities will help stem violence on the Mexican supply side.

    BS. You may as well claim that folks who fight abortion assume co-responsibility for the actions of abortion providers.

    Churches have been trying to counter drug abuse, gang violence and abortion for ages, but the simple fact is that there are some folks who have no interest in listening.

    About the only thing that will cut drug-gang violence is proper enforcement of the laws– and you know what? Mexico isn’t known for their high quality law enforcement.

    1. @Foxfier, They aren’t culpable, so I wouldn’t assign “co-responsibility,” but ministry to those who are addicted can make a HUGE impact. Take away demand… the supply goes away. Simple economics.

      Not an easy task. I agree with you that laws need to be enforced on both sides of the border though.

      1. @Shane Vander Hart,

        It’s not a question of it being “simple,” it’s a matter of it being possible.

        You can’t force folks to behave intelligently, or morally– and, amusingly, just a little bit before that tidbit it’s mentioned that the only Church doing anything to try to counter the violence is the Catholics, which is probably why their people are being targeted for violence when such use to be forbidden. (Wonder how long the Father who was presiding at the Mass where the arrest was made will survive….)

        Hm, so it’s bad that those horrible Americans aren’t sending folks down to help in a drug-war area, it’s bad that they’re not magically stopping the demand for drugs back home (never mind that little things like trying to stop the murder of babies might have higher precedence), but actually acting against the violence in your own country…nah, not noteworthy.

        I’ve worked with former addicts and drug dealers. The former addict that sticks in my mind the most was a rather extreme atheist– he’d cut off his own hand if a Christian told him it was a bad idea.
        .-= Foxfier´s last blog ..Real Tolerance =-.

    2. They also drink befor noon on Sundays, ect.- mexico is awesome however the job market is poor- which breeds contempt, drug addiction on and so forth- the church has always pounced on this hand up senerio- although more people have died from holy wars than drugs from accross the border-

      Respectful always

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