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  1. You know, I was late getting on board with this Hoffmann thing, but I finally did post something about it. I guess I wasn’t sure that anyone could fight the RNC and NRCC. Part of me was so depressed that the NRCC was acting as stupidly as the NRSC in backing people like Specter. But the New Yorkers proved me wrong. Hoffmann looks like a very good candidate, and I hope he goes on to win. I was impressed that he attracted so many independents.

    Thanks for the link!
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    1. @Wintery Knight, I saw your post on it. In the right districts they can certainly be challenged. I think in NY 23 it was the right place to throw down the gauntlet. The protest 3rd party candidate in the gubernatorial race I think is foolish because while I certainly don’t agree with Chris Christie on everything he would be far, far better than another term with Corzine.

      With NY 23, if it was a liberal district I could see the legitimacy of Scozzafava running as a Republican (not that I would ever support her), but it’s not. It’s mainly a center-right district, and if she weren’t running Hoffman or if they had nominated a conservative would have no problem carrying the district. There are a number of conservative independents in the district (and growing nationally as well).

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