No that couldn’t possibly be the reason why North Dakota was the only state to gain jobs.  Cutting taxes may, just may help create jobs.  I know who would have thought that cutting the taxes of those who create jobs would allow them keep more money so they could create more jobs.

Novel concept.

North Dakota Individual Income Tax, 2009

Single Person

Income Bracket Pre-Cut RatePost-Cut Rate

Married Filing Jointly & Surviving Spouse

Income BracketPre-Cut RatePost-Cut Rate

North Dakota Corporate Income Tax, 2009

BracketPost-Cut Rate

It was a modest tax cut, but with this economy any tax cut helps.  Perhaps the beltway folks will figure this out, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

HT: California Conservative via All American Blogger

  1. Lower taxes are cool, but the jobs have nothing to do with that.

    We have a ton of jobs up here because technological advances made a ton of oil in the western part of the state technically recoverable.

  2. Absolutely. North Dakota has very low population and a ton of natural resources to sell. What goes on in the rest of the country, conservative or liberal, has little to do with us 🙂

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