55848942 Iowa Family Policy Center ACTION sent out the following press release last night:


10/27/09 Pleasant Hill, IA – In response to media inquiries, Iowa Family Policy Center ACTION President Chuck Hurley responded today to questions concerning a potential appearance by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin at an upcoming IFPC Action event.

According to Hurley, “We have reached out to Governor Palin through both official and informal channels and extended an invitation for her to keynote our annual fundraising event.” He went on to say, “We are not yet ready to confirm the specifics, but are hopeful that all the details can be worked out for her to come.”

IFPC Action began soliciting financial support for the event this week in anticipation of the Governor’s potential visit. Responding to questions raised by preliminary fundraising for the event, Hurley said the event, scheduled for November 21st, would be “on a much larger scale than our banquet last November,” and that “we are preparing now to make sure the Governor’s visit is a huge success should she accept our invitation.”

IFPC Action welcomed Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on his first trip to Iowa when he spoke at last year’s event. Previous IFPC Action speakers include Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.

Should Palin accept the invitation, her appearance at the IFPC Action event would mark her first trip to Iowa since she traveled the state as the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee.

This would be an incredibly good move for her to make.  While this would be sweet, and I would try to make sure I attend the event – it isn’t confirmed.  So I would encourage everybody not to assume that she is coming.  When Meg Stapleton, her personal spokesperson, says so… then you can bank on it.

The Iowa Republican notes the irony if she does in fact attend:

Palin’s appearance would occur just across the street from the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner, which will be held at Hy-Vee Hall. The Iowa Family Policy Center was originally scheduled to hold its event at Hy-Vee Hall, but IFPC was asked to relocate once the Iowa Democratic Party confirmed Vice President Biden as its keynote speaker. As a consolation, the Iowa Events Center reportedly offered IFPC Action the 16,000 seat Wells Fargo Arena at a greatly reduced rate.

Who do you think would have more in attendance?  Palin?  You betcha.

Update: Josh Painter has some background on Team Sarah wanting to do some fundraising to help bring her to Iowa.

2nd Update: Bryan English at IFPC emailed me about the Palin invitation.

Just FYI – we didn’t “advertise” the event.  Someone who had been approached to help raise money sent an e-mail to some potential donors and that e-mail was intercepted by CNN.

So, the story was out, and it was generating calls from national media.  We decided to put out a brief press release.

We wouldn’t promote an event without confirmation from the speaker.  This one just got out on its own.

I figured as much, IFPC is a great organization and wouldn’t do this as a fundraising ploy.

3rd Update: Kay Henderson I think is making way too much of the invitation.  Like even planning out the next day for her.

On Saturday night in November of 2003, former Arkansas First Lady Hillary Clinton — New York’s junior senator at the time — came to Des Moines, Iowa, to serve as emcee for the Iowa Democratic Party’s 2003 Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner which featured all the Democratic presidential candidates in that cycle.  The next day, which was Sunday, Clinton did an afternoon book-signing event at a West Des Moines bookstore.  People stood in line for hours to get her autograph.

So, perhaps the Palin folks are considering a Saturday night speech in Des Moines, followed by a Sunday after-church booksigning at a bookstore in the Des Moines metro.  They’d have to decide which church Palin would attend that morning.  Would the event be open to cameras?  Would Palin speak to the congregation? Would she sell and sign books at the church, too?

Let’s not get carried away.  She hasn’t even said yes, yet.

4th Update: There’s confusion about a speakers’ fee.  There’s not indication that the Palin camp asked for any money whatsoever.  So this story is much to do about nothing.  If she doesn’t come it will be due to her schedule and over 1000 requests she’s already received not money.  Meg Stapleton is saying it is not likely since it when she’s going to be doing her book tour, and that it is “tightly scheduled.”

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  1. She’ll be there when her contract either expires or allows her time to go. Bet on it. The winds of change swirl and blow upon a restless people. Washington no longers hears us, rather, they listen to the ingnorant masses crying for more handouts, who neither care nor realize that depending on govt for your livelyhood is like depending on your dealer for comfort. Sooner or later the bill comes due, and not just in monetary terms.

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