Just curious as to what you think about this ad?

Branstad Ad

I’ll throw in a link so they get some free advertising… could they have used a worse picture?  When I look at the picture I think…

Tired. Grumpy. Swollen Eye. Hung-Over.  I mean could they have taken a picture with his eyes actually open?  He looks like he was beat up with his left eye being shut.  You know we all take lousy pictures, but we normally don’t decide to put them on a political ad.  We  do our best to make sure they don’t see the light of day (or at least that they don’t end up on Facebook).

Governor Branstad, whoever did this ad for you.. get your money back.

What say you?  Am I being overly critical or is this a lousy ad?

Also, Google Ads don’t make up for real campaigning, you know getting out with the people… actually making it to county central committees and party fundraisers.  Just saying.

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