Just curious as to what you think about this ad?

Branstad Ad

I’ll throw in a link so they get some free advertising… could they have used a worse picture?  When I look at the picture I think…

Tired. Grumpy. Swollen Eye. Hung-Over.  I mean could they have taken a picture with his eyes actually open?  He looks like he was beat up with his left eye being shut.  You know we all take lousy pictures, but we normally don’t decide to put them on a political ad.  We  do our best to make sure they don’t see the light of day (or at least that they don’t end up on Facebook).

Governor Branstad, whoever did this ad for you.. get your money back.

What say you?  Am I being overly critical or is this a lousy ad?

Also, Google Ads don’t make up for real campaigning, you know getting out with the people… actually making it to county central committees and party fundraisers.  Just saying.

  1. ROTFL!!!!!

    You’re right, he does look drunk. Perhaps he is going after that younger vote………the college binge drinkers’ vote.

    Actually, that photo looks like it was taken during his speech at the RPI Reagan Dinner.

    You would think that Team Romney would have learned that ads just don’t work here. But I guess it’s what you resort to when the candidate doesn’t connect with the people.

  2. Bob Vander Plaats is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen! He has absolutely no resume to be governor and 0 leadership experience. Executive mentor? are you kidding me! Name one executive that he has mentored. Shane, you are full of disrespect and I pray for you.

    1. @Bruce Wayne, That’s an interesting perspective. I’m pointing out the ad, well at least the picture in the ad, is a bad one.

      Where was I touting Vander Plaats in this post? Where have I endorsed Vander Plaats? Actually we’ve had a few posts that have been critical of him. You are jumping to conclusions though.

      Thanks for praying though, I sure need that.

      By the way, my criticism of Branstad not getting out to campaign is legitimate. To not make it to these meetings makes it seem like either he’s 1. avoiding the people or 2. thinks he has the nomination in the bag. The first implies he has something to hide, the second makes him look arrogant.

      Neither look good. He can’t keep skipping events, this isn’t a coronation.

  3. I must look at things through my medical background eyes, because when you asked “what do you think when you see this pic” my immediate thought was “Quick grab the epi before his throat swells shut, this guy is obviously in anaphylactic shock”

  4. From everything that I’ve read about Branstad, didn’t he just leave DMU? Don’t you think after 10 successful heated contentested elections that Branstad knows what he’s doing? Oh and I just saw on Twitter that Branstad released several county events across Iowa that he’s speaking at over the next few weeks. Maybe he’s trying to raise money and put together an organized campaign? you think? I read Branstad’s remarks and watched him for over 30 years, and he works at only one pace, TURBO.
    One more thing, look at your picture. I just typed something but I had to censor myself from posting it. No, really, look at your picture.

    1. @Bruce Wayne, I wasn’t referring to events missed prior to quasi-declaring.

      I’m glad he has some events lined up, but he missed some important ones since declaring. I guess you are the only one who doesn’t see the rocky start he’s had with his campaign.

      Do you feel better after your potshot at me? I hope so. I’ve seen better pictures they could have used for Branstad. I just don’t understand why they chose to use that one. It was a bad choice. It wasn’t a personal attack on his looks or anything else. I did say we all take bad pictures.

      I really hope Governor Branstad has a thicker skin than what you appear to have.

  5. Rocky start? His poll numbers get better and better. He left DMU a month ago. I’m just saying youre a hater. Give him a chance. There is a reason he won 10 elections and left the state with a billion dollar surplus. People were happy 10 years ago when he left office, that’s not the case now. We need jobs and leadership, not someone making fun of a picture. Are you still in Kindergarten. I hated kids like you that make fun of everyone. Grow up!

    1. @Bruce Wayne, I’m in Kindergarten? Who’s throwing out personal insults here? Yeah, I make fun of everyone, please. I’m sorry you can’t see the nuance of making fun of somebody and poking fun at a bad campaign ad. Lighten up.

      He’s not above criticism, he does have some problems in his record, and he’s made some campaign blunders. I’ve said he has every reason to be confident in a general election. It’s the primary he needs to be concerned with now. That is by no means a slam dunk.

      So take the rose colored glasses off.

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