Last week I didn’t realize how much attention my account of the meeting I took part in with former Governor Terry Branstad would get.  A "little birdie" told me that my ears should have been burning on Monday as I was part of the discussion in Steve Deace’s show on WHO in his third hour (I happened to be listening that day, but didn’t listen the third hour).  His guest was Craig Robinson of The Iowa Republican.  You can listen above.

Some things I’d like to clear up based on what I heard Steve say:

  1. Yes it was a private meeting, but we were not told it was to be off the record.  Several people were recording openly, and that was encouraged.
  2. I went representing myself, and myself only.  I have no illusions about being some spokesperson of Iowa’s social conservatives.
  3. I wasn’t “summoned” I was actually invited by Mike Demastus to tag along.
  4. I went because I wanted to hear what the man had to say on issues that are important to me.  Not to try to gain favor from Governor Branstad and come out with an endorsement of him.  I will happily do that with any gubernatorial candidate.
  5. I didn’t list positives from the meeting because I was trying to put spin on the meeting, gloss over my problems with the former Governor, or again try to curry favor.  I did it because I believe that truth should be spoken, but it should be spoken in love, (Ephesians 4:15).  I try to do that as much as possible.  It is something I have done as a pastor and in my current ministry.  It is something I strive to do online though sometimes I don’t live up to that standard.  I am a man with clay feet.  So is Governor Branstad, and so is Steve Deace.  I merely wanted to acknowledge good that had been done in his 16-years of service that was highlighted to us in the meeting.  Period.  No nefarious intent behind doing that.

It is also strange when the opposition party takes your post to use in their own attacks toward a candidate within your own party.  First, Michael Kiernan, who chairs the Iowa Democratic Party in a statement to the Iowa Independent yesterday mentioned my post.  Then today I see that they’ve linked to me in a hit piece on Governor Branstad.  Which by the way they are being totally misleading when they say I have the entire transcript of the interview.  First it wasn’t an interview, and secondly I didn’t transcribe it.  It is just a summary of the meeting from my point of view… period.

Iowa Democrats have absolutely no credibility to be criticizing ANYBODY on raising taxes.  Certainly Governor Branstad will have to answer questions about that.  What Kiernan forgets to mention is that he was also working with a Democrat majority in the Legislature.  Oops.  Also when taking aim at Branstad about “creating commissions to avoid making tough decisions.”  He should apply the same criticism to our President who is becoming famous for doing this, and seems to be utterly incapable of making a tough decision.

Also Governor Chet Culver is doing just a bang-up job handling tough decisions.  So you lack credibility as a party.  Your party has gotten us into the fiscal mess we now face.  So you can leave the room now.

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  1. Not surprisingly Shane, you have maintained the high ground with a clear and concise explanation. Thanks for your efforts and clear sense of purpose.

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